Simple Purple Flower

Good day all!! Today, well, today I’m not at work!! On Tuesday South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day (which is a public holiday), so the norm would be to take off of work on Monday (to have a fantastic long weekend!!). I decided to take a step further and take of today as well (Friday) — to have a super looooooooooong weekend!!! Best idea I’ve had in a while!! 🙂

So, here’s to a fabulous weekend!! To me…. AND to you!!! Below, to remind us all of the “simplicity” of a woman, a beautiful flower – – – Sorry, I have no idea what the name of the flower is, but if you do, let me know – – – never to old to learn!! 😀

~ ISO 100 ~ f/9 ~ 1/160 sec ~ 39mm ~

I used the polaroid application to turn my photo into a polaroid! This application is free to download and it’s great fun to use!!! I have started with my very own polaroid project – – – will post the end result when I have eventually finished it!!

2 thoughts on “Simple Purple Flower

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thank you for letting me know!! 🙂 So awesome that it is native to SA, never would have known!!!

      Love you blog btw!!! Your photo’s are truly beautifull & real!!! Keep it up!! 🙂 **


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