Power Failures keeps us in the Dark…

So… What on EARTH would we do without power failures?? Yaaaaaaay Eskom!!!!

Yet again we can count on ‘whatever happened’ that we had no power from yesterday afternoon until about 14h00 today!! That is almost 24hours with no power!! A whole DAY!!!

Now, that would probably not be all bad… but I’m a girl that LOVES my luxuries — and Yes… electricity counts as one of them!! We had no warm water… couldn’t make ourselves some coffee last night – and worse… this morning!! (luckily he-who-thinks-he’s-boss is an avid camper… so we had some coffee from the gas stove!! 🙂

This was my only source of light last night — the whole night…

Needless to say we had an early night… and the extra few hours of sleep did us well!!!

And sorry Eskom… found out today that the reason for the power failure was that somewhere someone drove into one of the electricity poles…

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