Passing by a Park Bench…

Took this photo a few days ago… Decided this photo had a black&white feel to it!!! (…I would usually describe myself more of a colour!!! 😉 )

I quite like this one!!! I would use the word ‘Nostalgic’ to describe it!!! What word comes to your mind?? 🙂 **

12 thoughts on “Passing by a Park Bench…

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thanks!!! I’ve only just started experimenting with b/w photos!!! I find it quite challenging as I seem to see in colour!!! But I will keep practising – – – watch out for ‘My Black Dog’ repost soon!!! Think you’ll like it!!! 🙂 **

  1. hannahrileytoo

    WordPress emailed me to tell me that you had liked one of my posts… I have NO idea who you are, but thanks. And I just wanted to tell you that the word that I would use to describe it (you asked) is totally EPIC. Black/White is easy to get used to. Try making it semi black/white. That looks really good. Like this
    🙂 nice to find you

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Hahaha…. Cool thanks (I haven’t heard that word in quite a while!!!) You are right, the semi b/w works beautifully… will definitely apply that to some pics in the near future!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Much appreciated!!! 🙂 **

  2. awarewriter

    Good subject for B&W. The perspective, the strong diagonals make this image.

    I liked the series of bridge construction photos. Awesome stuff. We built a bridge in our structural engineering class and tested to failure with bricks. Ours was two I beams made from balsa. The bridge had to support three bricks. Ours did and failed on the fourth. That was a long time ago.

    Thanks for “liking’ my summer on the river post. I noticed that you are a structural engineer. I’m a retired architect. I always like the bones of the buildings best. LOL

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      That sounds like an interesting project!!! As ex-architect I know that you would enjoy (& appreciate) buildings in a way that few other would!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog!!! & many thanks for the kind words!!! 🙂 **


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