Cotton-ball tree!!!

When I shot this picture, my camera was set to monochrome… But, little did I realize that my camera was set to RAW setting!!! When I downloaded the pictures onto my computer I found that it was in colour (I am not quite sure about RAW yet… also not the possibilities that RAW presents), but I must say that I ended up having fun with it! I decided to post both my colour and black and white photo to get some feedback…

I call it a cotton-ball tree – – – but it is indeed not a cotton-ball tree!!! It is little bunches of white flowers that looks (to me) like cotton-balls in a tree!!! If I could, I would share more info on the type of tree etc. But I don’t have the knowledge… & that is not what my blog is about… so back to the pics:

- - - My B/W attempt!!! Any suggestions??? - - -

- - - My colour attempt!!! I definitely am a colour!!! - - -

Which do you prefer?? Any suggestions or advice (even criticism) welcome!! πŸ˜€ **

22 thoughts on “Cotton-ball tree!!!

  1. Melissa

    I like the B&W one also. Much more graphic. I encourage you to learn more about RAW and what it can offer you. I shot JPEGs only for a couple of years but it wasn’t until I started shooting RAW that I realized what I’d been missing. And thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. hannahrileytoo

    I think with that type of photo the colour is better. If there had been more ground in it, or perhaps a far-off background, the black and white would have felt more balanced. It seems a bit… ghostly. It’s beautiful too, but it doesn’t have enough glow in it. Consider including sunlight in the shot upon another such occasion. Lovely photo, by the way. πŸ™‚

  3. jaxart4animals

    I’m no pro, but I really like the B&W contrast.. I’m not familiar with RAW either, but if this was a jpg, would there be a difference? Could you get such a dark B&W sky if it were jpg? This photo almost reminds me of an infrared shot. I like it!

  4. Deep Hill Fine Art Media

    As a pro shooter, I really like the black and white image. The colour is only two colours anyway – white and blue, so you may as well go with the great tonal black and white.
    Also, JPEGs are files that have already been processed in camera and are then processed again when you edit them in your editing suite (Photoshop or the like). RAW files are just like a digital negative and give you heaps more pixel depth and quality to play with. You can then file them as a DNG file (digital negative) for further editing using non-destructive layers. RAW files and JPEGs do not make skies darker or lighter. That depends on how they’re shot in camera.
    David Hill, photojournalist

  5. abu zar

    both versions are the bnw version the tree takes away the attention (mine atleast) while the sky serves as something that adds by way of a background (a contrasty one)

    in the color one, the sky draws my eyes and the white (tree) serves as the contrasting partner

    bnw wins but only just..


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