Re-living Rock-climbing…

As promised I am uploading a few more pics from our rock-climbing activity!! If you missed the previous post – click hERE!!! 😀 **

I am also new to Flickr & have not yet uploaded photos there, so I have decided in order not to crowd my blog, I’ll post one or two photos here – but I’ll provide you with the links to my flickr sets & you can browse the remaining photos there 🙂 !!!

To see a few more colour photographs of our day – click here!! 🙂 Please please please have a look & as always I adore & appreciate your comments immensely!!! Soooo… click H E R E now!!! 😀 **

I have manipulated the same colour images in B/W and loved the results!! I think it’s because of the monotonous colours that the BW really makes quite an impression!!! For my black&white set click HERE !!! 😀 Once again, have a look and leave a thought please!!! 🙂 **

Hope you enjoy my rock-climbing encore!! 😀 **

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