When Nature & Technology runs parallel!!!

I’ve got another shot from below that I want to share with you!! A telephone line and a …. tree!!! I wanted to get your opinion on which one you like more…. but, I think I know which will get preference – – – Everyone’s comments was similar with the previous similar post!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Here is what I think you all would like more… (I like it more this time round as well!!!) ๐Ÿ™‚ **

Any suggestions/comments/opinions?? Or… if you want you can just say ‘Hi!!’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ **

To put a little colour into the post… here is the colour version as well!!! Because it is only a blue background… there is a bigger contrast (& leaves a bigger impression) in black&white – – – I think!! ๐Ÿ™‚

17 thoughts on “When Nature & Technology runs parallel!!!

  1. johnstirlingphotography

    Not sure which one I like best, Xandre! They are both legitimate versions. I have read many articles by photographers over the years about ‘avoiding photographing cables and other obstructions’ in photographs. However, I ‘almost’ completely disagree with this! If you are photographing ‘a moment in time’ then that should include cables etc. However, there is one exception to that rule for me! If I cannot find a location to shoot the main focus of my photograph without a cable running right across it, then I will remove that one incidence of cable in Photoshop. Your photograph is a mix of nature and man made (cables), and because that is the purpose and focus of the photograph, it is well executed, nicely set up, and I personally prefer it as it is, in portrait format! That brings me to another point and that is that we don’t all appreciate or ‘like’ the same things. If you like the shot the way it is, then that is all that matters! Many others will also like it and we shouldn’t change, or worry about it because someone else prefers it another way, or another colour, or blurry rather than sharp etc. I think it’s great! Well, done!

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      I agree with you John!!! I have also on many occasions removed the cables (or whichever objects) from my photos!! But I liked this one!!! & I’m glad you liked it as well!!! I never thought about the photograph in landscape, because that would’ve cut the cables in half & had a lot of other ‘nothing’ in it – – – if you get what I’m trying to say!! I’m still experimenting with black&white…. but I must say… I starting to like it… once I started playing around with the different adjustments I realised that I can get (in some instances) so much more out of a photo – – – this photograph for me being a great example!!! But I agree…. photography is a way of expressing what you see/experience in a moment… & others’ opinions should not change that – – – stay true to who you are & it’ll show in your photographs!!! Thanks for the great comment John…. I appreciate it tons!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ **

      1. Claude

        Hi, I love the black and white photo! And I like it that you broke the rules with it, as it was mentioned before- no cables in photos. and also the fact that it’s vertical makes it so much more interesting. In any case, I agree that you should always go with your gut feeling and believe in your work. Opinions and tastes may differ, but it’s up to us to judge what we like or not..

  2. Daily Photo NZ

    Great idea for a shot and I like the monochrome version much better! And best in portrait I think. But as the previous comment said, everyone has their own taste and I’m sure someone will disagree with my preference. I’m continually amazed when I post an image that I’m not really sold on and it inevitably seems to be the one that people like the most… Anyway, well done and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚


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