Almost not there Self-portrait… & a chandelier!!!

Hi all!!! I am busy editing & putting together a few photographs from our excursion yesterday… I do not want to give away everything now, but I will say it involves an impromptu decision with a few firsts & a truly enjoyable evening!!

For tonight though I want to share with you a super blurry photograph, which I hope most of you will be able to make out the outlines of!! I took this yesterday… it was my first photograph and was indeed not what I intended to get from the photo – – – my settings was all wrong – – – & instead of capturing what was outside I got a very blurry reflection of me taking the photo!! Hence, my unintended self-portrait!!

I’m thinking of starting a SLOW self-portrait project… I found last night that I have forgotten(???) how to be in the photo… I’ve got so used to taking the photos that I now feel uncomfortable being in – – – & that is something that have never been a problem – – – 😀 Anyway, I’m still thinking about it… More about the photo: unfortunately it was shot in jpeg, so there was not much that I could “save”, I upped the contrast & brightness. That’s it. 🙂

As my title suggests, there is a chandelier as well… This is one ugly chandelier… It is hanging in our living room, not corresponding to anything in there… but we are only renting, thus the chandelier stays!!! – – – and so are the holes in the ceiling, floor etc. 😀 – – – Oh my, I think our house would probably be a very entertaining post… watch this space!!! (The chandelier probably would look quite stunning in the correct environment), but now, it is here, & I am not liking it!!! 🙂

This concludes my totally random post!! Better ones to follow!! 😀 **

6 thoughts on “Almost not there Self-portrait… & a chandelier!!!

  1. Mike10613

    That’s a disappointment, chandelier and self portrait conjured up images of mirrors on the ceiling! lol. It did remind me of when I was going to do a review on a shiny new microwave that was too shiny; I photographed myself! 🙂

  2. SL Schildan

    Since I am the one always behind the camera there are almost to photos of me in existence. At an auto show this summer I got a photo of me reflected back from a cool hubcap. Of course, as always my face is hidden behind the camera.

    I love the photo of the chandelier. I would hate to have said chandelier in my house, but the curves of the arms and the stark bareness of the bulbs make for an interesting photo.

    (Just in case you were ever wondering my gravatar is the star of a children’s book in progress. I am not a drawing, but until the book is completed (it’s getting close) Lexi stays. Well that and the fact there really aren’t actual photos of me.

    Keep up the great photos! Experiments are the fun part of photography.

  3. the island traveler

    I can see a hand….the face totally blurry…There’s a canon camera…very intriguing…made me really curious! As for the chandelier, it’s actually interesting in its black and white effect. Wonderful post . Happy Halloween!

  4. usinglight

    interesting shots. Concerning the being in pictures: It gets stranger with each 100 shots you take, or? I am trying to take one self portrait per month to stay used to photos… Well, some are really strange – like yours (which I like very much BTW).


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