Whale Jaw on Schiermonnikoog!!!

It was taken December 2004 on the island, Schiermonnikoog!!!! Me & my mom visited our Netherland friends (Marieke & Marlies!!) for a few days & had a day trip to this small island North of the Netherlands. This is an authentic whale jaw – jaw-dropping right?? 😉 mind the pun!!! So awesome that it deserves this week’s spot for my Travel Lane journey!!!

From left: Marieke, Me & Marlies!!! 🙂

 ‘Twas an unforgettable day!!! 😀 **

6 thoughts on “Whale Jaw on Schiermonnikoog!!!

  1. Marieke

    Oooh dat was baie gezellig!
    Ek en Marlies hahah grappig!
    Tot later, die begin februari. Ons gaan geniet bij julle

  2. johnstirlingphotography

    Xandre – Great photo and it just shows you how big these beasties are! If you ever get to Whitby on the NE coast of England, it has a history involving whaling, and they also have whale jaw bones in an arch (I think they might have replaced the original ones with replicas). Seemingly, if a whaler had a successful voyage, they hung a jawbone from the mast so that the people of Whitby knew of their catch and the wives waiting on the harbour knew that their men would be bringing good money home! Just another piece of useless info!

    Take care



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