Turning 25 the laid back way!!!

Today is my birthday…!!! πŸ˜€ (Love birthdays!!) … It’s a big one – – – twen2y fiv5 – – – This year I decided not to have a big party! This year I decided not to go out until the wee hours of the night! No, this year I decided I’m going to celebrate it with my family – – – laid back style!!! – – – I invited my family to enjoy a rustic champagne breakfast in the comfort of our garden!!! Loved every moment of it!!! Here is a few snippets of these people & my day!!!

Breakfast out in the open!!!

Champagne & a Fruit Salad starter πŸ™‚ Nomnomnom!!!

From left to right: Family; My bf's mom, my mom, the bf of my mom, my big little brother, my youngest brother, my granny!!!

From left to right: Mom, big little brother, gorgeous bf, other little brother!!!

Before I commence…. I have shared with you that I don’t have a small (very portable) digital camera anymore… I have found that I no longer capture the little get togethers, or quick dinners with friends at a restaurant or any random moments together!!! I also found that I no longer feature in photos and that there is a remarkable decrease in the amount of photographs that feature me & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss together 😦 !!! This is seriously just not right!!! I LOVE my dslr, but it is just not always practical to take it everywhere, or to capture moments that “just happen”… A photo taken with an arm in is not the greatest (but hey, it was better than having nothing!!) Which brings me to the reason of this ranting:

He-who-thinks-he’s-boss bought me a new little digital snapper – – – Canon IXUS 220 HS – – -!!! Handy for any (and every) occasion!!! πŸ˜€ Ain’t he the best ?? πŸ™‚ ** So, of course the first photo taken today was…

...This one!!! (Yes... it looks funny!! But we BOTH are fully clothed!!! Promise!! πŸ˜€ )

To continue back to the family… πŸ™‚ Unfortunately my dad could not make it 😦 – – – He is in Madagascar for a week – – – but we’ll get together when he returns!!! & my big little brother had to leave early because he is smack-bam in the middle of year-end exams!!!

3 generations!!! Granny, me & momsy!! πŸ™‚

Lil' bro & me πŸ™‚

What I adore about compact digital cameras is that you get gorgeous candid shots!!! Oh I am so looking forward to sharing more of these moments in my life with you!!!

Funny faces!!

It was scorching hot today with a very fleeting (and electric) storm!!! All was good!!! Here’s to being 25!!! Hopefully big things to come!!! – – – watch this space – – – πŸ˜€ **

My snapper has sooooo many functions its crazy!!! --- even this fish eye function --- photo of my very ugly chandelier!!! I predict fun fun fun... πŸ™‚




30 thoughts on “Turning 25 the laid back way!!!

  1. Leanne Cole

    Happy Birthday, well done on getting the camera, looking forward to seeing lots of shots. I don’t have one of those anymore, but I do tend to use the camera on my phone, it isn’t too bad and I know I will always have it with me.

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      That’s awesome!!!! I always forget that I’m not the only one on this day… So, its super cool when I find out about other people sharing this occasion!!! πŸ™‚ **

      1. aRVee

        lol… yeah it’s cool and what a better way than to celebrate birthdays with the family. You have a beautiful family there and I love the outdoor setting. πŸ™‚

  2. dorothycunningham

    Thank you for the visit at my blog….appreciate it…

    Your blog is priceless and the family fun is so evident….Glad that you like your point and shoot camera. I love mine as well (a Canon 300). It fits in my pocket for those spur of the moment shots that you can not resisit…Keep having fun!


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