My dog Duke… & his little blue pool!!!

Yesterday I caught one of Duke’s cutest acts on camera!!! Our everyday routine is to go and have a walk in the park just down the street from our home!! – – – & I do mean EVERYDAY… if we don’t do it, my little dogs will not stop barking!!! So, everyday – – –

When we are done with our roundabouts in the park, we head back home (so that I too can relax for just a moment!!)… even before I am able to enter back through the gate, Duke will have climbed into the little blue pool (originally bought to wash them in!!)…

When we open the tap he’ll splash around like a little kid who got to much sugar!!! 😀 If we throw a ball into the water, he’ll dunk his own head under water & splash around like a monkey who got all the bananas he can dream of!!! 🙂 If he’s hot… he will just lie in that little bath for ages!!! 😀 It’s SUPER adorable!!! – – – For some or other reason, my black dog does not share this interest!!! weird … – – –

Duke in his little blue pool!!!

Gotta love these dogs!!! 😀

On another note: Tomorrow = Friday = Happy dance = Happiness!!! 😀 **

11 thoughts on “My dog Duke… & his little blue pool!!!

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Hi Carlos!!! Nooooooo…. this dog is to friendly to even hunt birds!!!! He is soooooo friendly he might just lick you to death!!! 🙂 Love the photo of your dog btw!!! What breed is it?? He looks huge!!! 🙂 **

      1. 1cruzdelsur

        Thank you for his response.
        I think that his dog is very sweet and a real friend.
        To my country they brought a race of the dogs of sudafrica that are very guardians and say that they use for the big game hunting.
        My dog is a golden retriever, also it is very sweet and a companion.
        A very big greeting for you

  1. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – Ha! Ha! My wife Penny’s (and notice I say Penny’s and not mine!!!) two little (well, not so little really!!) black ‘poopies’ (sorry poodles) don’t like water, and when they are bathed, just stand in the water looking miserable! 🙂 Not being a ‘doggy’ person myself they often drive me nuts… but I like them really! Just don’t tell Penny that!

    Cheers, Xandre


  2. miltonjohns

    Lovely shots. Dogs are so wonderful, so unique. Mine always sleeps on her back, hates being washed & avoids the hose or bath like her life depended upon it. The moment we leave the house she will jump into anything wet in seconds. She ought to have been a boy. I think its soap avoidance!! 🙂


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