Impressions of a Lilly…

One of the flowers from my bunch that my granny got me for my birthday!!! Soooooo pretty… & its been a while since I’ve posted any flower photographs!!!

Hope my pink lilly brightened your day!!! Got a perm today (my first!! & I’ve been wanting to get one for years!!! – – – keep in touch to see my transformation!!) Have a great weekend!!! 😀 **

19 thoughts on “Impressions of a Lilly…

  1. colouredfragments

    Saw your name in my blog and dropped by. Awesome pictures you got here! Love the black and white pictures you have. Its interesting how photography is, allows me to take a look at whats on the other side of the world. Keep taking these great pictures! Dropping by again soon.

  2. Jeff

    Stunningly beautiful, and I love the way colour or black and white enhances the subject. Getting close up and personal with Lily was magical.


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