Perm is Cool Again!!!

Ok, so I’m not entirely sure about the above statement…. But I’m certainly loving mine!!! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to perm my hair for years!!! Now I can’t think why I haven’t gotten one sooner!!! It is awesome!!!

The reason why I want one is not because I have some sort of obsession with curly hair… It’s not that I did not like my straight hair… it’s quite simple… I have hair that – – – no matter how much trouble I put into it – – – falls flat onto my head after about 20 minutes!! 😦 It is also sooooo long that it takes ages to “do” something with it…. Most of the days I just end up with a ponytail!!! A perm has always sounded like an easy (& pretty) alternative!!!

I was pretty nervous about doing it – – – did not want to sit with a bunch of 70/80’s curls on my head…. yikes!!! 🙂

– – – BEFORE – – – I simply loosened my ponytail, so this is not an example of “lots-of-trouble-fallen-flat” hair!!!
– – – AFTER – – – My new, no-fuss hairstyle!!!

What do you think about my new (VERY old) look?? Yay / nay?? 🙂 **

11 thoughts on “Perm is Cool Again!!!

  1. quietsolopursuits

    You’re a beautiful woman either way, but it does point out something about human nature, we always seem to want what we don’t have, especially when it comes to women and their hair. 🙂 I know women with beautifully curly hair that fight to make it straight, and women with straight hair fight to make it curly.Guys don’t care about their hair that much, we throw a hat on and call it good, but, we are the same way when it comes to other things.

  2. SL Schildan

    So pretty on you!! I hoped you would share a photo, if you hadn’t by today, I was poised to request one!!

    I loved your Lilly photos. It’s fun to take lots of pictures of a single item. Each is usually beautiful, but to see them from different angles, different perspective and in different lighting makes a person really “know” the object. Nicely done.

  3. SL Schildan

    Quietsolarpersuits, you are so right. I have a granddaughter with long, fabulously curly hair that requires no work and is the envy of all her friends…she spends hours with the un-curling iron. Ironic ironing.

  4. lostbutf0und

    I think you look great!
    I don’t know if you have one, but you should really use a diffuser element on your hairdryer. A diffuser is basically an attatchment to a standard blow dryer that allows for you to dry your hair without losing your curl.
    Have fun with the hair!

  5. HannahR

    Personally, I prefer the loose curls, I think they are very romantic (not the gushy kind) and beautiful, but the perm is pretty too 🙂


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