Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France

This place was breathtaking!!! 😀 Overwhelming is an understatement!!! Luxury shopping on level upon level upon level of beauty!!! I just love this shot of the centre dome window with the Christmas decorations of 2004 hanging from the ceiling!!! Me & my mom walked in here for quite a while before heading back onto the streets of Paris!!

13 thoughts on “Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France

  1. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – I just love the colours and the intricate way in which the glasswork is put together. I have often thought about collecting glass and have a couple of lovely small pieces that have been passed down, and another that we bought in Murano. However, I do find that when you have them around all the time, you tend to stop looking, which is a shame! Maybe that is why I have never started collecting? Having said that, I just love looking through antique markets and shops and coming across glasswork that has the ‘Wow!’ factor, whether it is large or small! We have been to the Galeries Lafayette only once and we missed this beautiful dome completely! We arrived in Paris in the evening, on a public holiday, in a heatwave, and were desperate for water for overnight – not being able to drink from the taps! The hotel had a fan but no air conditioning, so we set off around 8pm and the only place we could find open was this place. Only having three days there, we spent it touring round Paris landmarks and Versailles and never went back! What a mistake? Lovely photograph added to by the Christmas decorations!

    Take care


  2. mishilpatel

    nice shot.
    I have taken the same photo like this at melbourne central shopping centre in australia.
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