7 thoughts on “In Black & White …

  1. Mike10613

    I think they could be made a little darker or more highlights. Winter is fast approaching in England and so the light is more challenging. It was dark and dismal yesterday and so most of my shots didn’t work out. It’s bright and sunny today but the traffic tends to be horrendous on a Friday; I can’t win!

  2. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – I love them – they are very ‘graphic’, if you know what I mean. If you had said that you had designed and drawn them to be produced as greetings cards, I would have totally believed you, and they would sell! I hope you remembered what you did to get that effect! What were you trying to do when you got this effect? Following on from Mike 10613, the weather is awful in the UK today as well! I haven’t actually taken a photograph in a weeks!

    Take care


    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thanks John!!! I tried a technique that I saw someone (I really can’t remember who 😦 ) used for an interesting portrait…. It was overexposed & some or other colour layer applied to it…. I wish I could refer you…. I thought this type of shape would make for an interesting subject, but somehow, my attempt did not work quite as well!!! Will just have to go back & keep on trying…. I’m pretty sure I’ll get captured what I have pictured in my head!!! 🙂 **

  3. SL Schildan

    Xandre, You have produced an excellent “wash” or transparency. You know a background to be written over. A Wedding Greeting or rather Congratulatory Card for instance. Silver lettering overlaid…A With Sympathy, Happy Birthday, etcetera…


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