Jack & the… Stalk??

I had fun yesterday with my dslr… for a change!!!! 😉 I’ve been so caught up with my new snapper, that I have completely neglected my super special dslr… 😦 Here is two of my shots that I took of the (I think it’s a Yasmine/Jasmine) plant!!! It may be intertwined with another plant, thus the uncertainty…. But nevertheless… 😀

I don’t know which I like more…. But of this I am sure: I LOVE manual focus!!! The amount of control that I have over what I want to capture is super fun!!!! 🙂 **

7 thoughts on “Jack & the… Stalk??

  1. walterwsmith3rd

    I really like the first image. The black background is so beautiful. My first impression was that I wish I was standing in that black void with the plant illuminated before me. Beautiful photos.

  2. SL Schildan

    Lovely!! Thanks for sharing. I also alternate between manual and auto. If it is something moving it often won’t take on auto, on manual it may end up fuzzy but at least you will have a chance.


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