Reflections of Schiermonnikoog

Since the day that I took this photo, it has been one of my favourites!!!! I think the reason for this is because the clarity of the reflections was completely by accident!!! It came out much better than I could have ever anticipated!!! & is thus one of my very favourite Travel Lane memories!!! 😀

I had quite a busy weekend – but it was fun!!! Can’t wait to start processing a few of the photos that I took so that I can share them with you!!! Thank you for popping by my blog… even over the weekend I had quite a few visitors!!! It is much appreciated – I really hope it can continue!!!! 🙂 **

19 thoughts on “Reflections of Schiermonnikoog

  1. Mike10613

    Nice photo, I like reflections on water. I take canals, river and lakes so get them all the time. It’s getting harder here, nothing but rain yesterday but we still tried! It was an interest effect photographing the rain hitting a lake but hard to keep the lens dry. I took a few indoor photos later in the day. I have the presentation for the photo contest this week; I didn’t win but I get a photo that was in the final displayed. I’m going to the presentation and afterwards they will switch on the Christmas lights. I’m a little relieved I didn’t win, I don’t have to make a speech! I would have liked first prize though; an Olympus Pen camera donated by Olympus!

  2. James Warne

    Awesome picture – the reflection worked wonderfully and sometimes when these accidents happen you just have to shrug your shoulders and say “Thanks!”

    Where was this taken?


    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Yes, you are right… “Thanks!” 😀 This was taken on the island Schiermonnikoog!!! It lies just North of the Netherlands!!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful….. I have posted one or two other photographs from Schiermonnikoog… you can have a look at these under my Travel Lane tab!!! 🙂 **

  3. SL Schildan

    Beautiful, indeed. I also look for reflections, I love them and my first ones also were accidents. I think we photographers train ourselves to look for them because they double the punch and create an outstanding.


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