London, UK – Marble Arch

I have been super neglecting my blog & posts these last couple of weeks… For all of you who are following my randomness – – – I truly am sorry – – – 😦 It is not due to the fact that I don’t want to, but rather that I seem to be super busy!!! I have a few posts that I am planning to post (& that I need to post), & I’ll make a promise that these will follow on a more regular basis for the next week (at least)…

I usually don’t promise a post (because I never know what tomorrow holds…), BUT…

I promise I’ll be doing my Liebster award post tomorrow!!! 😀 So, please tune in for some serious new/unexplored blogs tomorrow(evening) 🙂 ** Super excited about it!!!

For tonight though…. my weekly Travel Lane post!!! If you have missed the previous posts – just click on the link to have a look!!!! For tonight I am sharing my Marble Arch (London, UK) moment with you!!! I have always loved this shot – It was taken with my (then) brand new Samsung digital compact!!! – – – Handheld!!! 😀

It was taken quite late at night on an evening in December 2006!!! Me & my (ex 😉 ) boyfriend have been exploring London literally the entire day, & the feeling of our extreme tiredness will (I think…) forever be branded in my memory!!! 😀

Marble Arch – Long Exposure!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Mine was (again) super busy, but as always welcomed!!! Looking forward to ending this week – then it’s off on holiday until after new year!!! Super excited to go to Cape Town & other parts of our beautiful coast…. So stay tuned for some beautiful landscape photographs & more random fun posts!!! 🙂 **

7 thoughts on “London, UK – Marble Arch

  1. Nate

    Very nice, this photograph came out great. Love how you can still see the entire marble arch here. Well done, and thanks for sharing your photography for the rest of us to see!


  2. SL Schildan

    Reminds me of a double exposure. Very nice. I like it. Also, I can relate to the busy in life. Whew…my continues to be a whirlwind. Every time I have a blog i want to do, I end up with photos I wasn’t expecting and by the time I have them uploaded to my computer to insert into a post a day of new things has already cluttered my list of posts….
    It always makes me chuckle to see the side bar in wordpress offering ideas for new posts. I already have too many ideas. Such a problem, so much to share, so little time. 😉

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      I have wondered how you do it Shez…. I’m not usually such a sociable person!!!! (unlike my bf!! 😉 ) These last two weeks though have been go-go-go!!!! 😀 **

  3. Mark Goodwin

    You think you have Randomitis? How about me? At my current rate I’m lucky if I make one post a month. Compared to me you are the N.Y. Times!!

    Lovely pic by the way, at one time I used drive past Marble Arch every day boy was traffic bad then!!


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