Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.1

Hi everyone!!! I’m back!!!! 😀 Been chillin’ at home for the last couple of days before starting work again on Monday (which I am not at ALL looking forward to… L )!!! First of all: hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year… all the best for 2012 J – – – I made some resolutions (for like the first time EVER!!!), so it should be a busy year!!! – – – Watch this space…

Let me start off with my holiday stories… 😀 Our plans changed constantly, but in the end I think we had a super enjoyable & a very relaxing time!!! We drove almost 4800 kilometres – – – C R A Z Y – – – 😀 !!!

Our first day of road-tripping down to the Cape included about 450 km’s from Pretoria to Bloemfontein. There we had a good catching-up with our friends & an early evening for the next day’s travelling!!!

Still fresh & full of energy on Day 1 !!!

On our second day of road-tripping, we again stopped at various small little towns. These include Phillipolis & Trompsburg. Our first stop was Trompsburg, there we enjoyed breakfast in a very quaint little shop/bakery. I have to explain this first: there are no tarred roads, no traffic lights, old old old houses & only the bare necessary shops. That we could even get breakfast there is a wonder!!! 😉 They only had 4 items on the menu:

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Fruit juice
  4. Pie (with/without salad)

Not quite the breakfast I had in mind, but it had to do!!! – – – Beggars can’t be choosers 😉 – – – We had quite a lovely chat with the owner (who definitely does NOT like people from Gauteng province, he claims they are always in a hurry – which us quite true!!!) 😉 Oh well!!! 😀 He had an interesting shop, full of old rulers & equipment, random dolls… & it was very VERY pink!!! 😀

Old ruler, still in 'inch' units - In SA we use the metric system, so rulers like these don't come along often these days!!!

Our 'breakfast' pie & coffee!!!

How cool are these teapoons made from old 1c coins?? Just loved it!!!

I told you... VERY pink!!!

Garage doors in Trompsburg!!!

& then we were on the road again… whizzing to the next town!!! 🙂

Our next stop was Phillipolis, where also only the main road was tarred with no traffic lights. There was a beautiful church & small little antique shops & art galleries. This is also the place where Emily Hobhouse was buried – What a legend!!! 😀 If you don’t know who Emily Hobhouse  was, follow this wikipedia link or this biography link for her very interesting background & story!!! In short, she was a British woman, living in South Africa in the time of the Anglo-Boer War who fought for humanity & took care of the ill & wounded in war times…

The Beautiful church!!!

Entertainers for passers-by!!!

Street in Phillipolis!!!

Old Gas Station!!!

He-who-thinks-he's-boss in front of their trading centre!!!

Emily Hobhouse Headstone!!!

We spent quite a bit of time in this little town… but were soon off again… on day two we arrived at the beautiful, gigantic Cape Mountains…

The first glimpses of some majestic mountains!!!

Here I conclude this first part of our journey to the Cape… Stay tuned for more!!!! 😀 **

18 thoughts on “Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.1

  1. 2 Rivers Photos

    I miss South Africa!! I wish we explored the country more than we did. Too bad that its a 48hr flight to get there… takes a lot of planning and $$$ 😦 Thanks for sharing the pics 🙂

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Wow!!!! 48hrs??? That is crazy!!!! But unfortunately it goes both ways….. 😦 Lot of planning & $$$ to get to that side of the world for us as well…… 😉 **

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    Sounds like you had a great holiday, and you will always have your beautiful photos to remind you of the fun you had and the interesting places you visited. That’s why I love photography so much! My favourite from this set is the photo of the church. It’s funny – I’m not a very religious person, but I have a fascination with old churches.

  3. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – What a great blogging start to 2012! Love the narration and the photographs! Lots of blue sky – oh you lucky thing! Nice to see both of you in a photograph to start off with! You look a really happy couple! 🙂
    I used to feel the same about going back to work after holidays! Hee! Hee! Penny goes back to her school and classroom tomorrow to start work for the new term! What a shame! I keep trying to be sympathetic with her but she says it just comes across as bragging about not having to go! I don’t know what she means!! 😉
    I particularly like your church photograph. It is beautiful and has such detail in it! Also love the spoons!
    Now, just tell me, what is the price of fuel down there because at £1.32 per litre here it would have cost us a fortune to travel the distance you did!
    Also looks like a cracking set of mountains! They always look stunningly impressive when they just rise out of a flat plain! Any idea how high they are?
    It is just so different down there, I am loving hearing and seeing everything! Really enjoyed the whole post, Xandre! Come on then…where is Part 2?



    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Hi John!!! Sorry about only getting back to you now…. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!!! Yes, we are Really lucky with our blue skies!!! I realise that not many people get to see that quite as often…!!! I think most of the time it goes unnoticed here (a kind-of given…) 😉
      It’s been 3days of work now… & it’s not getting better 😦 Not that I don;t like my work (or at least what I do), it’s just…. I don’t want to work the whole day… Have so much that I want to do & feels as though work takes up all that time…!!!
      The fuel price is R11.04 (I think that is less than you pay), but it’s still very expensive!!! More than half the cost of our holiday expenses!!! – – – But worth it – – – I think what’s more expensive is eating-out!!! (which we did much too often on this trip…) 😉
      I’ve posted the height of these specific mountains in my Part.2 – had to do some research first though!!! 😀 **

      Speak to you again soon!!! 🙂 **

      1. johnstirlingphotography

        Hi Xandre – Before I get to your Part II, I understand what you are saying about working full time – actually I have just taken up a temporary post covering an absent Teaching Assistant in my old school – mornings only – and I’m loving it! All the fun of being in a classroom without the responsibility of a teacher – and as a Headteacher, I didn’t realise just how much I missed being in the classroom! In the same way that you are saying that part-time work would be better than full time, I am beginning to believe that part-time work is better than no work (being retired)! Now, I didn’t expect that to be the case! Off to read Part II now! Looking forward to it!



  4. the island traveler

    I’m hooked already from the unique teaspoons to the road that seems not to end. Beautiful photos, adventurous and thrilling narratives, great company and generous smiles…yep, looking fresh on day 1 indeed! Wishing you a fun and memorable 2012..

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind comment Island Traveller!!! Loving your posts as well…. always original & enlightening!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!! 🙂 **

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