Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.3

In Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.2 I left you with our camping spot for the evening… 🙂 The next day (which would be our last day road-tripping), we decided to change our plans – – – yet again 😉 – – – I’m not sure if anyone has ever heard about a place called Ceres??  It is described as the Eden of the Cape!!! 😀 Well…. Me & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss decided to take a detour and try and spend a night in a place that sounds like heaven on earth… 😀 !!!

The Day3 road trip began quite positive… We drove through many smaller unknown towns… Most of them were so small that you would miss it if you blink!!! 😉 The first stop that me made was in Calitzdorp… It was a bigger town (compared to the ones that we have passed along the way)!!! We were starving by then & reached a mutual agreement that this would be the town that we would enjoy breakfast in!!!

Our Calitzdorp stop… (click for larger version) Clockwise from top left: The shop from the restaurant; Me & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss planning our route for the day; some of the interesting views of the restaurant; He-who-thinks-he’s-boss being funny for the camera!!!

As you can see we stopped at a place called Lorenzo’s. It was a mix-match shop & restaurant!!! The shop sold all kinds of crafty & antique stuff… (I fell completely in love with an antique mirror – – – one day when I get the chance to decorate my bathroom I know where I’m going to get the mirror 😉 ) We were soon on our way again…

Our next stop was again a few towns away… A little town called Barrydale!!! We were told that that was the place that the Capetonians go for a weekend away… It was set in a small valley… We stopped at the popular stop – – – for ice-cream 😉 !!!

Barrydale… (click for larger version) Clockwise from top: I cropped out the top of the shop because I just loved the painting – true South African! so colourful! ; shop where we bought ice-cream; He-who-thinks-he’s-boss shoving ice-cream in my mouth!!!

This was our last stop before Ceres… we were super excited!!! 😀 This is the type of picture that you usually see of Ceres:

A typical Ceres portrayal !!!

Ceres is home to the factory Ceres, & is famous for producing most of our fruit juices!!! (& apparently for 84 countries world-wide!!!) 🙂 We are very fortunate to have many fresh fruit & veggies & 100% fruit juices!!! – – – #lovingit – – – 😀

Anyway…. WHAT A LET DOWN!!! 😦 It is nothing what we expected… Just another small town… – – – that happen to produce the most delicious fruit juices EVER!!! – – – (that’s probably why they call it “Eden of the Cape”)… After driving the whole day with high expectations we felt like crying… ;( We drove Super far… & we definitely did NOT want to spend the night in Ceres!!!

We were going to stick with our original plan to travel to Stellenbosch & sleep at our friend’s house (we had arranged to stay in his home for a couple of days)!!! When we let him know that our plans have changed – yet again – he informed us that he is still a distance away from home… bummer!!! 😦

While travelling down to Stellenbosch we entered another pass… the Bainskloof Pass!!! This piece of road stretches 30kms (tarred this time 😉 ) & was built by Andrew Bain – a Scottish Settler. Andrew Bain had no formal training in engineering & yet, this pass is regarded as one of the best passes in the country. It is an unspoilt nature reserve that forms part of the Cape Nature Conservation!!! Upon entering the pass, a sign reads that no vehicles higher than _____ (I can’t remember the height, but it was in the region of 3 metres!!!) may not drive this pass … We wondered what the reason for this would be…??About three quarters through we got our answer:

Bells Rock !!! (HDR)

 What a sight!!! 😀 About 90% through the pass we got yet another surprise… we stopped at a place marked a look-out spot!!! Obviously I took my camera along!!! 😉 After the shocking disappointment that Ceres was (our biggest of our whole holiday!!), we got the highlight of our trip…

The look-out!!! Oh, what a view!!! HDR Panorama (click for larger version & full effect!!!) - trust me... 😉

This was BY FAR the highlight of my trip!!! 😀 You could not see even a part of this view until you were through all the plants and over all the rocks!!! But oh man…. it was totally worth it!!! 🙂 We spend a good while there – – – not even the intense wind could take us away from this gorgeous landscape!!! 😀

Self timer shot!!!

I was quite nervous of leaving the camera in this mad wind!!! But in the end glad I did… I just love this shot!!! Not everyday that one gets a landscape as beautiful as this!!!

I was going to post more… but I think this is a very good, happy & positive place to end Part.3… Thank you soooooooo much for reading!!! Stay tuned for Part.4 !!! 🙂 **

29 thoughts on “Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.3

  1. Barb Hoffmann

    I love the beautiful sweeping scenery! I live in Seattle, WA and we are surrounded by forests which pretty much obscures the horizon.

  2. Leanne Cole

    We have a place called Ceres here, but it is like a little farm, they have farm allotments, can it is all very hippy like. My girls don’t like going there for the composting toilets, if you can believe. I am so glad that the day end on a fantastic note after the disappointment of what you thought would be a high.

  3. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – Another great post and just think, if you hadn’t gone to Ceres, you might have totally missed such a beautiful valley landscape! I am surprised how green and fertile it looks in such sunny countryside! I like the painted sign too! Bell’s Rock was worth seeing also – very unusual, and yes, these Scots just get everywhere and make names for themselves! Nice point to finish and roll on Part IV!

    Take Care!


  4. fotoeins

    I love your photos from your road trip – the scenery is really beautiful. I had hoped to visit Cape Town this coming September, but my friends are no longer moving to South Africa. I’m still considering make a stop on the big continent, but I admit the motivation’s gone down somewhat. Your multiple-post series thus far is making it a little harder to say no. 🙂

    1. SL Schildan

      Hi, I followed Xandre’s link to your site and fell in love with the multi-layer technique and the resulting photo of the Opera House. I tried to comment, but needed to do so via Yahoo. I’m glad to send you compliments via Xandre.

  5. SL Schildan

    Beautiful!! Hubs enjoyed this post also:) It reminds us of parts of Oregon. Photos I hope to share sometime this year on ShezPhoto. For now, I am looking forward to the next chapter of your holiday. Hugs, Shez

  6. the island traveler

    Regardless if Ceres was true to its name, ” eden of the cape, ” you guys made everything sound fun and exciting, with words and photos that jumps into life. Best of all, you had some delicious ice cream and juice. In a way I understand that it can be frustrating to travel that far realizing only that it’s not the vision you dreamed of. Luckily, we have tomorrow to start another adventure.

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  8. Rebecca

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the panorama. I am happy your Ceres disappointment was redeemed by that gorgeous drive and lookout. Sometimes a little disappointment makes the next surprise even more special. 🙂
    BTW: I am loving following your road-trip adventure. My husband and I used to take road trips in the US and Scotland but haven’t since we’ve been in France. We both miss it.

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thanks Becca!!! You should really get going on that France road-trip… 😀 I would love seeing/reading about it… I’ve been unable for the past year to contain my desire about returning to France for a visit!!! Hopefully in the near future my wish will come true!!! 🙂 **

  9. itchierfeet

    Yes, I can buy Ceres juice here in Ethiopia! Even though Ethiopians can do the best squashed fruit juice (at least that’s what I call it – since it is simply pressed fruit in a glass – and you need a spoon to eat it!!). Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  10. Judy

    Xandre….I am enjoying your road trip very much! That landscape photo is stunning! Can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks for sharing!

  11. barefoot_med_student

    Super! I’m really glad you enjoyed this leg of your trip. I went to the exact same places last year and Ceres was just as much of a let-down. Where are all the fruit orchards and STUFF?

    Bainskloof is amazing… and scary.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      I know right….?? …fruits and colour and trees full of yummy yummy fruits etc….. stupid high expectations!!!! 😉 Awesome to hear from a fellow South African!!! Hou die blink kant bo!!! 😉 **


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