Arriving in Stellenbosch – Part.4

As you can see… my title changed!!! I ended Part.3 with our breathtaking panorama of the view over Worcester!!! – – – If you missed Part.1 & Part.2, just follow the links – – – 🙂

After our view we continued on our journey… We made contact with our friend again & he informed us that he will only be home by 20h30 (it was only 17h00 at the time)… 😦 After such a long day on the road we were really looking forward to a nice long hot bath…

To make time go by faster we decided to travel the 20 odd kilometres to Strand to relax and dunk our toes into the beach!!! – – – I mean what better reward than to feel the soft sand under your feet – – – 😉 While approaching our destination we got stuck in serious traffic… It seems that it was such a beautiful day that the WHOLE world decided to go to the beach… we drove around for more than 30 minutes with NO luck of getting a parking spot… Oh my!!! Beyond tired does not describe how we felt!!! 😦

Upon arriving back in Stellenbosch we decided to stop at a hotel & ask them if they could refer us to a place with budget accommodation… (as we did not budget on paying for accommodation, we wanted to get by as cheap as possible…) The guy at the desk asked us what our budget was & gave us more than a 40% discount on one of their rooms (because the shower does not have a door)… It was still a tad above our price range, but being as tired as we were – we grabbed this super-dooper special!!! 😀 We unloaded our stuff, got something to eat, took a bath & fell asleep before 20h00… 🙂

The little bathroom – heaven 🙂 **

The next morning we slept late… (you know, because those beds were just soooooooooo comfortable!!! 😉 )…  We each took a looooooooooooong bath again & went down for breakfast…. all-you-can-eat-buffet :D…

Our room!!! I think those sheets were about a 600 thread count... Like I said... heaven!!!

Hotel Banner... Street view from our room!!!

I feel that I must inform you that we slept in the Eendracht Boutique HotelThey were voted best small in 2009 & 2011… What a joy…!!! & it was pouring with rain on the evening that we slept there – pure bliss!!!! 😀

The next day we had nothing specific planned… It was still early so we decided to go to the beach for our long-overdue feet-in-sand-reward 😉 …

What joy!!! It's the little things....

The beach was very very very quite…. early joggers, life savers preparing for the day ahead…

Cold COld COld....

Relaxed... & happy ...

Sea, Mountain, Sky ...

We spent quite a while on the beach… soaking in the very cool sea breezes… enjoying the sun… generally enjoying not having to do 500+ kms!!! 🙂 We met with our friend and went to his home… unpacked and spent the rest of the day catching up with him!!!

In my next holiday post I will tell you about our wine-tasting day… So stay tuned for Part.5 😉 **

14 thoughts on “Arriving in Stellenbosch – Part.4

  1. SL Schildan

    Xandre, when you have traveled so long and are so tired, sometimes you just have to find a place to sleep. It’s either that or cry. Sleeping is the better option. I love the photos!!! Can’t wait for the next installment. Cheers! 😀

    1. xandreverkes Post author

      Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you are enjoying it… 🙂 Yes, we do live in a stunning country!!! Don’t think many other countries are fortunate enough to have the same kind of diversity that we do!!! Thanks for following my journey… I would definitely recommend you & your husband take a similar trip!!! It is well worth it!!! 🙂 **

  2. Mark Goodwin

    I Haven’t been following you religiously on your trip, due to my time constraints…but wow! I must say this does look like a little piece of heaven. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  3. Mike10613

    Good post and interesting pictures. It’s interesting to compare your photos with mine, because mine are more diverse. I get everything, warm sunshine and frozen lakes! 🙂 It was well below zero last night…

  4. Rebecca

    Ahhh, a nice hotel after a long day on the road. Such a wonderful feeling to sink into those comfy beds. I love that feeling. And your Sky, Mountain, Sea picture is gorgeous. Reminds me of parts of Hawaii.


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