A rainy day in Stellenbosch (& an expensive steak) – Part.7

On this day we did not have anything specific planned… And thank goodness for that!!! 😀 When we woke up it was cloudy cloudy cloudy!!!! We decided that to visit the winery that we are staying on!!! 🙂 Stark-Conde has exquisite wines… a well known fact!!! 😀

Our short-cut from our home to Stark-Conde
A stunning back road through the forest…

 Yes…. it started raining lightly while we were on our way there… 🙂 it is not a long walk… probably only a mere 200m or so… but at least we were under a thick green blanket of trees!!! 😉 **

What greeted us once we emerged from under the trees!!!

It was beautiful!!! The mountains (or a least, what was visible of the mountains 😉 ), the little dam, the lovely view, the gravel walkway, the green….. we were in awe!!! 😀

Water lilies in the dam…

 Quite a few photo scenes presented itself!!! It was a gorgeous location!!! 🙂

Looking back at the hidden mountains!!!
Crossing paths with a boat!!!
The roofs & weather made this feel like somewhere in Asia!!!

This was the roofs of the wine-tasting location… seeing that we haven’t had anything to eat yet, we decided that wine-tasting was not what one of us wanted to do… 🙂 Instead we headed up towards the restaurant & shop areas… Finding the perfect spot (for the perfect setting) we ordered our breakfast/lunch… peach crumble & baked cheesecake!!! Yummy yum-yum-yum!!!! 🙂 I know, not exactly healthy… but oh so delicious it was!!!! 😀

Our breakfast/lunch!!!
The 3 pine trees on the hill behind this beautiful farm!!!

We walked back home (not the short-cut) 😉 and about 2minutes into our walk it started pouring!!!! At least we had an umbrella…. but it was a super small one…. my legs got wet wet wet… & so did our clothes!!! But it was fun – can’t remember when last I walked in the rain!!! & it was so beautiful, the me & he-who-thinks-he’s-boss (HWTHB) 😀 savoured every moment!!! It was an unforgettable experience!!! 😀

That evening we went to a highly recommended restaurant that apparently serves the best steak in the country!!! Coming from a culture that eats a lot of meat, we really do appreciate a good piece of steak!!! 😀 We ate the “best steak in the country”… Paid the enormous price for it…. (& I mean enormous!!!)… & decided that the steak we prepare at home is way better!!!! (& I mean way much better!!!!) 😀

Best steak restaurant – Hasser’s Grill

At least it was a restaurant with a very nice feel to it…. very classy!!!! We headed home for the rest of the rainy evening!!! It was a gorgeous day!!!! Very enjoyable!!! & super relaxing!!! Just what we needed!!! 😀 **

13 thoughts on “A rainy day in Stellenbosch (& an expensive steak) – Part.7

  1. drawandshoot

    Wow, such a lush green landscape, so beautiful! Great pictures Xandre.
    Too bad about the steak, it’s always unfortunate when you know your cooking is better than a restaurants’…disappointing..especially when it cost and arm and a leg!

  2. SL Schildan

    The worst part of paying an arm and a leg is it makes it hard to cook when you are one armed and hopping on one leg…;)

    The photos are beautiful. I love the roofs, the lush green (looks like the jungle in our yard the one Hubs takes a chair saw to regularly), I also love photos of things emerging from the fog. The crystal clear lake. They are wonderful photos. 😀

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Hahahaha!!! Good one Shez!!!! 😉 & thanks for the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!!! (You are very fortunate to have a similar scene in your backyard… ) 🙂 **

  3. johnstirlingphotography

    Lovely photographs, Xandre, and steak! Mmmm! I love a good steak! We have a local pub/restaurant that serves cracking sirloin and we go with friends who live up the road every couple of weeks! Steve and I always have gorgeous garlic mushrooms for starters, followed by the steak, washed down with Magners Cider! Mmmmm! Peach Crumble for breakfast!!!




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