Zoom photography…

I’ve been obsessed with zoom photography the last couple of weeks…. 😉 Every time I had the opportunity I would try something (anything), not necessarily something specific… But I do have fun playing around with this technique!!! 😀 Here are two more photos that I like a lot… Let me know what you think!??! 😀 **

What the view looks like from (inside???) my head… 😀
Duke… lying between my legs!!! 😀

Are you obsessed with anything specific?? 🙂 **

27 thoughts on “Zoom photography…

  1. SL Schildan

    The first one is really great and the second one makes me feel like I’m a bird heading in to land. 😀

    I really like them and the second is my fav! Experimenting is soooo much fun 😉

  2. Susie

    Hi Xandre,

    Great images, such fun! I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with in-camera abstraction effects too… you can view some of the resulting images in the ‘my projects’ section of my blog if you’re interested to check them out! Also, I suspect you may like the abstracted images made by photographer Louise Mann – see my post titled ‘Impressionist photography – Louise Mann’ for some very happy beachside canines that are sure to put a smile on your dial!

    I note that you live in Pretoria – my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful visit there in 2010, staying with his cousin and family, and then travelling beyond, and would love to return some day.

    Happy shooting,

    PS Thank you for taking the time to view my recent post, ‘Photography, storytelling and the kitchen table’ – I’m delighted you liked it!

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Hi Susie!!! Just love your abstracts…. I can’t wait for my next opportunity so that I can try this again…. loving it!!! 😀 Were you in SA for the World Cup?? I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here…. (for me) it is a truly beautiful country!!! 🙂 **

      1. Susie

        Hi Xandré… yes, we were in SA during the World Cup – the atmosphere was buzzing, so much positive energy and lots of happy smiling faces… it really was a great time to visit! After Pretoria we travelled by train to Cape Town, then drove the Garden Route, then visited three game reserves in Botswana, before finishing up at Victoria Falls. It was a fabulously memorable journey and I was certainly kept busy depressing the shutter! Good luck with your abstraction project – it really is quite amazing the effects that can be produced… enjoy! Susie 🙂


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