Depart: Stellenbosch; Arrive: Glentana – Part.8

We spent a beautiful day on the beach….. 😀 It was super windy (which I dislike), but the heat was soooooo intense, I think we would have suffered without that muscled breeze!!!

Enjoying our lazy day on the beach…
Doing our “flexi-toes” !!! 🙂

Without realizing it, we spent a good 4 hours of doing sudoku, reading our books & lazing under our umbrellas!!! It was pure bliss!!! 🙂 This was our last day in Stellenbosch… & it was a beautiful one!!! 😀

The next morning we set out to meet up with our friends in Glentana… we were super excited to spend the next couple of days of doing nothing, spending hours on the beach & having a good time!!!

On route, we decided to stop at Lourensford Wine Farm for a breakfast (to early to do the “wine-thing” 😉 )… It is one of my favourite wineries ever…. it is wonderfully beautiful!!!!

It did not disappoint…. & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss felt a pang of regret that we did not visit here sooner…. (I told him so 😉 )… but nevertheless, we had a great breakfast on a stunning farm!!!! 😀

Lourensford Tasting Room Entrance
Our breakfast spot…

From here we set out on our 5 hour drive to Glentana… 🙂 I forgot to add that we scorched ourselves on the beach the day before…. so bad that we had to put towels over our legs to protect it from the sun…. It was Ouchie!!!! 😀

Our “towel protection”…

 We arrived in Glentana… super stoked…. a few hours later…. We had a great day catching up with our friends… Enjoying the feeling of complete relaxation!!!!

My beautiful rose from HWTHB!!! 🙂

The next day was Christmas day…. & true to our beautiful South Africa, the day was sunny, warm & inviting!!!! We spent the entire morning (and most of the afternoon) playing games on the beach, reading, sleeping & just generally being…. 🙂

Setting up our Gazebo…
After beach mode…

Also true to Christmas day in South Africa…. later in the afternoon it started raining… Oh my, how I love this gorgeous day!!! 😀

The guys preparing Christmas dinner in the rain… 🙂
The girls setting up the table & preparing other dishes…

 We had a fantastic dinner…. great friends… awesome conversation…. yummy yummy food!!!! Interesting fact for the evening… we did not leave the dinner table until well after 24h00… we played card games, drank wine & had a great time!!!! 😀

Great wines…
Playing card games until the wee hours of the night…

What an unforgettable evening/day… it was spent with truly fantastic people!!! Can’t wait to do it again!!! 😀 **

18 thoughts on “Depart: Stellenbosch; Arrive: Glentana – Part.8

  1. SL Schildan

    What a great post. Our Christmases have always been so different from this. It is great to see how different people celebrate the holiday.

    Hubs and I went to a “sporting goods” show on Saturday. I had wanted to stay home, but in the end joined him because of the photo ops such a place would provide. While there I met a young lady from South Africa who was advertising safari hunts in your fair land. I took photos of the beautiful animals once vibrant and alive now stuffed heads on display. I also asked her if she would mind being in the photo as well. She graciously edged in closely to her animals and I got a not very good photo. I should have taken another.

    It was too crowded to actually be a “fun” outing for us, but hubs sweetly stopped while I indulged with my camera. There were literally thousands and thousands of people packed into four enormous buildings.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      I’ve always dreamed of a white Christmas Shez….. but I agree, it is great to see how people around the world experience this special day!!! 🙂
      I have never liked those stuffed animals….. they kind of creep me out!!! 😉 But I know that a lot of people love it… especially foreigners!!! 🙂 **

      1. SL Schildan

        No, I do not love, like, or want any living thing stuffed. For years I could not even touch them, but I’m finally over it. Hubs and I used to hunt and I have helped haul our food out of the woods. But to go to Africa to kill exotic animals just for the sport of it is no different than murder to me. They chase them down on ATVs, use high powered scopes and enormous rifles to murder them and leave the meat to rot. I only hunt with a camera and hubs hunts only with a bow. The odds are stacked in favor of the animals.

      2. SL Schildan

        Oh and we seldom have a white Christmas. We have always had a huge noble fir tree with lights, ornaments, and the whole family together. Usually at least 20 people. Christmas music and a huge Christmas Dinner either Roast Turkey or Prime Rib. Everyone sitting in the living room laughing and talking and remembering all the fun and love we have been so lucky to share.

  2. Elisa

    If there were a contest for “the most fun couple to vacation with,” you would definitely win the grand prize! Loved your story, and the pic under the bright red umbrella is priceless!


  3. taylorsized

    Love your blog – photos make all the difference, it’s lovely to virtually step into someone else’s shoes for a moment and catch a bit of their life!
    Keep it up 🙂

  4. johnstirlingphotography

    Great post, Xandre – Been having problems with our Broadband! Good grief, how lost do we feel without the Internet! Withdrawal symptoms spring to mind! 😉 Spent the time working on, and finishing the awards post! 🙂 Broadband is ok now, for the moment, so I am now catching up with everyone, again! I’ll bet the sunburn was painful! Did you know that if you see a Scot on holiday in a hot country, with white skin, that is actually his suntan! In our natural state we are actually blue skinned, living in such a cold country! No, seriously, sunburn is sooo painful! 😦 I sympathise! My sister, who lives in Perth, Australia absolutely adores the place, but after many years, still finds Christmas in the sun really strange! I agree with Shez and you about stuffed animals! Gross! Wait a minute – my other half has two poodle poopies (puppies – but poopies is a better description) who sometimes drive me nuts – maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all! I wonder if she would notice? Seriously, though, it is gross but I’m not giving up my stuffed Christmas Turkey!



    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Well, I’m super glad you’re back online John!!! As I’ve said before… your absence is very noticable!!! Not. Cool. 😀
      Hahaha… blue skin?? I’ll have to remember that next time I’m thinking I’m seeing dead people!!! 😉 hahaha!!!
      I certainly don’t think you’ll have a better half anymore after you’ve “better halved” the poopies!!! But keep dreaming John!!! 😀 **


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