Austria, Vienna – Schonbrunn Palace

Travel Lane Memory for this week Is from Austria!!! It was probably the coldest day of my life…. (or at least one that was cold enough for the memory to stick!!!) 😀 The mist was like ice mist…. – – – I know I know… for those of you who are constantly posting photos of snow… we don’t have snow here in South Africa… it is something unknown to me!!! So, “ice mist/rain” counts as coldest for me!!! – – – 😉

Anyway back to the Travel Lane Memory… This was taken in 2004 on my trip with my mommy (seen in the frame of my photograph)… On this day we visited the Schonbrunn Palace (apologies… I don’t know how to put the ” on the o…)!!! 😀 It was gorgeous… Even in winter the gardens was breathtaking!!! I loved everything about Vienna…. & I’m longing to return there as quick as possible!!! 🙂

Schonbrunn Palace - my Mom on the left!!!

& let me not forget… Happy Valentines Day to all you romantics out there!!! (I am not a fan of V-day… luckily He-who-thinks-he’s-boss is also not into it!!!) But in the light of all the looooooove going round today, I’m dedicating this part of the post to my gorgeous bf!!! 😀

Happy Valentines Day!!! 😀

13 thoughts on “Austria, Vienna – Schonbrunn Palace

  1. Gerry Walden

    Schönbrunn is truly wonderful, and Vienna is great city. I have photographed the Christmas market there and visited Schönbrunn when it was so cold the lake and fountains were frozen solid. A not-to-be repeated experience if you don’t want frostbite!

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    Awww, you and your boyfriend are such a cute couple!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. I hope you had a nice day, even though you are not much into V-Day :). Love the first photo too. That is one of many places I would love to visit!!

  3. Kourtney Heintz

    Loved Schonbrunn, but hated the audio tour. it went on four like 2+ hours. I almost lost my mind. And you couldn’t skip ahead.

      1. Kourtney Heintz

        Absolutely stunning outside. We lunched there too. After 45 minutes, I ditched the audio and just soaked in the rooms and moved on. 44 rooms worth of audio is too much for me. 🙂

  4. johnstirlingphotography

    I think I told you already that my dad was bunked in Schonbrunn Palace while doing his National Service in the Army just after WWII! We will definitely visit there in the next few years! We have never really been fans of Valentine’s Day either! I know that in the past it was the one day in the year where a girl could ask a boy to marry her, but that is now past history! Love is all year round – not just one day!

    Cheers, Xandre!



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