Relaxing in Glentana – Part.9

Over the next couple of days we didn’t really do anything significant… But we sure did have a good time relaxing with friends… Enjoying the beach… Just generally hanging out!!! 🙂 So, today I’ll only share a few photos taken over those few days!!! 😀

Ultimate relaxation...

Panorama - our cafe hangout...

Panorama - The most beautiful sunset EVER...

Awaiting my arrival at home...

Happy times...

A great view of our beach...

Through the polarised lens...

Our past time (even on the beach)... Sudoku...

From my point of view...

Panorama - A great day on the beach...

Hope you enjoyed these few photos!!! 🙂 **

21 thoughts on “Relaxing in Glentana – Part.9

  1. lizzybradbury

    Oooo that looks lovely. I like the first picture because it look so unspoiled and a good thinking photo, and the polarised lens is a neat idea for a photo!

    However, that spider gave me the heeby jeebies, it not even here and I’m still getting itchy!!!

    L x

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Hahaha…. You won’t believe how I struggled to fall asleep that evening…. kept feeling spiders running over me!!! 😀 Was not fun!!!

      Thank you for your kind comment Lizzy… I’m glad you enjoyed the post!!! 🙂 **

  2. Fidophiles

    Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my blog. I grew up in Zimbabwe and your photo of the beautiful sunset really reminds me of my time there. UK sunsets tend to be a lot more cloudy and happen around 4pm at this time of year – which is just wrong! xx

  3. island traveler

    It is panoramic…held me breathless. I wish I’m at the beach right now. Great smiles…just a reflection of a happy and adventurous heart. Wishing you all the best…beautiful post as always.

  4. firasz

    Let me share my thought… It’s wonderful small collection of photos. My favs are: Most beautiful sunset, the beach, through the polarized lens, and the beach panorama shot : )

  5. johnstirlingphotography

    Smashing photographs, Xandre, and oh my god! Is that horrible spider as big as I think it is? Yuck! I hate spiders at the best of times but that one makes me shudder! We just have little ones here, which are still horrible! Maybe I better not venture outside Europe after all!! Good grief! Do I sound like a wimp! There is something about the sea that draws people – it is just so beautifully wonderful! They say that it is a ‘deep seated genetic need to return to whence we came’ but I don’t really believe all that balderdash! It is just a beautiful place to be! Love your sunset, Xandre!



    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      I have a suspicion that the spider might even be bigger than you are imagining… 😉 Just kidding!!! You can venture… we hardly ever see these things (it was something big, even for us!!!)… 😀 **


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