In the Veld…

Just a photo for today… This was taken last year sometime…. I loved the colour (although maybe slightly over processed here)… I still like it!!! So Veld… So Bushveld… Home!!! 🙂

Colours of the bushveld…

As always… I adore your thoughts & comments!!! Have a great evening!!! 😀 **

21 thoughts on “In the Veld…

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Thanks Leanne…. I thought I’ve overdone it… but in retrospect, there really isn’t anything going on in the photo…. so the colour is all that contributes to it!!! Not sorry I cranked it up a notch!!!! 😉 **

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    Oh, what a beautiful photo! It looks so summery and so opposite of what I am seeing out of my window today. We had snow and freezing rain all day today!! Make sure you check out my blog tomorrow, Xandre, because I picked a nice wintery picture just for you since you don’t get to see snow where you live.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      I’ll certainly be looking out for your post Cindy!!!! Always wishing to have something I can’t get!!!! 😉 … Thanks to you, I get to have it ALL!!!!! 😀 **

  2. island traveler

    Love the colors too. Reminds me of the heart’s burning passion…full of warmth and intense emotion for the people we love…and yes, of a home we all wish to see soon. Beautiful as always. Gives a sense of hope and encouragement. Take care…

  3. SL Schildan

    I always wondered what the “Veld” is and I was going to ask you. I always thought is was a grassy plain and soft quiet, hot and dry. Boy, in my mind it was nothing like this. Thank you for “enlightening” with the color. Very, very pretty. I love the red grasses. 😀

    Thank you for being our tour guide!! 😀

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Hahaha… for us it is such a common name, that I did not think that many people have no clue about it!!! 🙂 I will certainly post more photos & give a better explanation in a next post!!! (Don’t let the colour be misleading…. it is actually a very dull colour!!! 😦 )

      1. SL Schildan

        I’m looking forward to the posts. We do have grasses that are nearly that red and some deciduous shrubs that have vivid red branches and twigs. When they lose their leaves in the winter they do appear bright red and are a lovely pallet to add to the dull tans and beiges.

        In our front garden we have a bush from Japan that is red year round. This morning it was lovely with a dusting of snow. 😉 Will try to post the photo this weekend. 😀

      2. SL Schildan

        PS, yes I’ve always heard the term veld used in Africa and either Scotland or Ireland. But I never knew exactly what type of ground cover was there and it probably is different in each location.

        Did you know Aloe was common nearly world wide? Many people grow it in a sunny window indoors to have handy for emergencies. I wonder if they look the same or if there are different varieties in different locations.

  4. Lumens Borealis

    Xandre – After so many friends from Stellenbosch finding their way to us in Canada’s northern reaches, your photo is the first image of the veld I’ve seen after reading and talking so much about the area; please post more. And, yes … the colours are something hope-filled, especially as we view the image from our winter ice cube on the globe’s other side. Take care,

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Thanks Lumens!!! I will definitely post more veld photos in the future!!! I forget that people from other countries don’t really know this name & what it looks like (almost like you are with snow!!!) 😀 As I said to Shez above, the veld colours are actually super dull… 😦 I’m not the biggest fan!!! (But once in a while I get a photo like this which I can transform into something that I do like!!!) 🙂 **


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