Vienna, Austria – Sculpture Detail

Travel Lane memory!!! 🙂 We’re back in Austria… Seems like only yesterday that I was astonished by the amount of detail that were in these sculptures… How I long to go back!!!  I still have plenty of admiration to sprinkle over Vienna!!! 😉 **

December 2004

15 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria – Sculpture Detail

  1. Axel Pliopas

    Great sculpture and great shot! Lately I came to enjoy more watching sculptures because I aways get this sense of contrast between the natural “violence” of the rock, its hardness demanding a lot of force to be worked on, and the soft results many sculptors get…. And this is so clear in the details of this one you showed us here! 🙂

  2. saymber

    When I saw this first my heart rate increased – anxiety I guess in looking at the tortured faces captured in such detail (kudos to you) and the first thought was the statue in the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter….the crushed “muggles.”

  3. Judy

    Wow….extra ordinary detail and expression in the sculptures! Amazing. I’ve not been to Vienna yet! I do hope to get there someday!

  4. Tania Smith

    I love sculptures like this – I haven’t been to Vienna but I want to visit. Florence has incredible sculptures too….just magical. Thanks for sharing this – I love how you have captured the drama of the scene 🙂


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