Arriving in Canada…

We had a very long (&very tight) flight schedule to Canada… Our itinerary:

Johannesburg (depart 21h20) to Amsterdam (arrive 11h30) – 11h15 flight

2hour stop over

Amsterdam (depart 13h30) to Calgary (arrive 14h30) – 8h flight

3hour stop over

Calgary (depart 17h30) to Edmonton (arrive 18h30) – 1 hour flight

On our way to the airport we got a call from KLM airways, our flight was delayed with two hours… ;( oh my word the implications of this – – – They had to reroute our flight because we would not make the flight from Amsterdam to Calgary… 😦 & because UK and USA required transit visas (even if you would not leave the airport), we could not fly via one of those countries…

Our itinerary ended up like this:

Johannesburg (depart 01h40) to Amsterdam (arrive 12h30) – 11h15 flight

0.5hour stop over

Amsterdam (depart 13h00) to Vancouver (arrive 15h30) – 9h30 flight

3hour stop over

Vancouver (depart 18h15) to Edmonton (arrive 19h30) – 1h15 hour flight

These two guys looked totally shocked by how tired we were!!! – – – @Vancouver Airport Lounge!!! – – – (mind the pun 😉 )

 Oh my… we were REALLY tired when we landed in Edmonton!!! Luckily, the people were there to pick us up and take us to the Hotel!!! 🙂 I was mesmerised by all the lights of the place (I’m a lights nut – I just love it!!!) 😉 … Edmonton seemed much bigger than I imagined!!! 🙂 We had a good rest… and woke up the next day with – – – SNOW!!!! – – – 😀

Edmonton skyline – View from our room – and a thin spread of snow… EVERYWHERE!!!!

Our other view…. Whyte avenue!!!

I was super excited… 😀 I’ve only ever seen snow that have melted at the foot of a mountain – Nothing like this!!! 🙂 It was beautiful!!! We spent the day lazing about town, enjoying the unfamiliarity (for me) of the snow…

Everyone drives HUGE trucks!!! He-who-thinks-he’s-boss was in his element with these toys!!!

“Unspoilt” snow in front of a little church!!!

The snow quickly melted as the day grew older…

We went to sleep very early the next day – I think about 16h30… Jet lag really is not a very nice thing… More to come – so stay tuned!!! 😉 **

17 thoughts on “Arriving in Canada…

  1. Lumens Borealis

    Xandre et al … welcome – and it does get warmer; you’re arriving at the right time … Our Stellenbosch doctors tend to trade winter for summers – summer in South Africa and summer in Canada … summer year round. Definitely get out to the Rockies for more of our white schtuff. 🙂

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      You are also from SA?? Awesome!!! You won’t believe how many people thought we were doctors…. it is almost as though they expect us to be doctors if we are planning a move from SA to Canada!!! Crazy!! 🙂 **

      1. Lumens Borealis

        Hello Xandre:

        Sorry, no … not from SA, but, an Edmontonian transplanted into Alberta’s far north whose enjoyed years of camaraderie and care with many who have been doctors from all points SA. And, not all are doctors; the first acquaintance I made from SA was a petrochemical engineer way back in the eighties.

        Again … welcome! 🙂

  2. sixty7 Architecture Road

    Welcome to Canada, Xandré. Hard to believe that there is still a coating of snow out in Edmonton. Back here in Central Canada, it’s been warm and cold, but it should be getting warmer soon.

    So how are you fitting into your new hometown?

  3. johnstirlingphotography

    Hi Xandre – Funny, I never thought about you not really having much experience of snow! What a really long journey! I’ll bet going home seemed much longer than getting there! Sorry they wouldn’t let you into the UK en-route! It’s a terrorist thing, but I thought it was only the USA that had these rules? Love the socket photo, Xandre, and of course the others! Oooh! Sounds like a move might be on the cards? Look forward to your next post!




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