Exploring Edmonton…

By Monday we have almost totally recovered from jet lag… (finally 😉 )… & the plan was for Deborah & Debra to show us around town: where’s cool – where’s not; what’s fun – what’s not; what’s in downtown – what’s not; the enormity of West Edmonton mall; a drive by a couple of PCL’s projects and just general having a good time!!!

I found it interesting that ALL electricity boxes were beautifully painted!!!

The Mind Bender – world’s largest indoor triple loop roller coaster!!! – out of order –

Visiting my favourite-stest-stest-stest store in the whole wide world!!! 🙂

Edmonton skyline – what a change from the snowy view!!!

Probably ons of the flattest landscapes that I have seen – ever!!!

The hotel offered wine-tasting every weekday – BONUS!!!

We had some random explorations of the area close to the hotel!!!

So colourful I couldn’t resist taking a photo!!!

Visited the Old Strathcona farmers market!!


Canada flag…

On Tuesday HWTHB (He-who-thinks-he’s-boss) was kept busy with site visits and THE big interview… Stressful day for both of us…. Fortunately I could keep myself busy – unfortunately I had no transport… but oh well… I got to eat my yummy sushi and explore all the super funky shops on Whyte avenue!!! That kept me busy for quite a few hours!!! The day was soon over… 🙂

Highly recommended – ‘Tokyo Noodle Shop’


At the end of Tuesday, HWTHB was made a very nice offer by PCL Construction company…. He had until the Friday to think about it and sign… and so my emotional roller coasters starts…!!! Hint: He didn’t sign the documents on Tuesday!!! 😀 **

14 thoughts on “Exploring Edmonton…

  1. Shez

    I had a chance to LOVE your photos on FB, but without the blog part. It was great to read. Can’t believe the roller coaster was not running. What were they thinking?? I had no idea Edmonton was so FLAT. It’s not that far from a huge mountain range. 😀

  2. Leanne Cole

    I have to do photo by photo, hope that is ok, the painted boxes are really cool, they do that here but for the boxes that operate the traffic lights at each intersection, I should see if I can get some.
    I had to laugh 🙂 at the flattest landscape image, I remember taking a friend up to my mothers and he was complaining about the flat landscape and then got really excited when we came across a small hill. 🙂
    You got some fantastic photos. Must have been great exploring a whole new city. So did he sign the papers on the Friday?
    Are you going?

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      We don’t have painted anything here (unless it is vandalism 😦 )… Hahaha… and about the signing – maybe? maybe not? 😉 But I’m pretty sure everybody has a good idea!!! 😀 **

  3. alillico2

    So many great places to check out in edmonton. If your still around try to check out the river valley, and some of the festivals that go on in edmonton over the summer. Unlike many others around the world.

  4. CulturalRites

    PCL is well regarded. Edmonton is one of Canada’s best cities. Alberta’s economy is the strongest in the nation.

    Holy Trinity Anglican — the church with the clinker brick — was one of the venues for the April annual international poetry festival.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      We’ve heard many good things about Alberta and the opportunities that it presents!! – hopefully we can make good use of it!!! 🙂 That clinker brick church was gorgeous!!! 🙂 **


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