Mommy-luuuuuuurve…. ;)

My post is dedicated to my irreplaceable Mommy-ness!!!🙂

My wonderful Mommy!!!

Mommy (Zelmare) – I appreciate all that you have done for me❤❤❤ – all the love you have given (all the time), the unbelievable rolemodel that you have been to/for me & the unending support through all my good (&bad) decisions!!!🙂 I know that I am the person I am today solely because you raised me the way you have!!! I will always be grateful & in your debt!!!😀

Love you super super muchness!!!😀

& to all the other mothers out there – Happy Mothers day!!!!😀 **

6 thoughts on “Mommy-luuuuuuurve…. ;)

  1. zelmare

    Dankie, my meisiekind. Ek het vir jou e-mail gestuur, hoop nie jy gee om dat ek nie hier se wat in my hart is nie. Love you!!!!!!! xxxxxx…


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