Paris, France – Versailles Gardens

Visiting Versailles is such a special memory – although it was cold & misty on this day in December 2004 – it did not seize to take away the from the grand, majestic & royal air that Versailles presented to us that day!! 🙂

It amazed me that I could not see the end of the gardens – it was huge!! & beautiful… bustling with people & tourists!! The weather could not keep anyone away!!! 🙂

Endless stretch of Versailles gardens…

On our way to the train, after our visit to Versailles, me & my mom bought ourselves scarves at a vendor – I still wear it today!!! & each time I do – the memory of that day makes me smile – and wish to turn back time!!! 😀 **

14 thoughts on “Paris, France – Versailles Gardens

  1. iamatticusfinch

    a wow place! thanks for the nice shot!

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    A million thanks!

  2. rommel

    No way, Jose! No weather can keep us from visiting Paris, France. 😀 We were there in December. Actually, when you’re like me who is more prone to sunny days, going places during cold weather really makes me feel a lot more like bonafide traveler. Hehe

  3. TBM

    I’m hoping to visit Versailles this June and I’m super excited. Thanks for sharing! And I love that you still have the scarf. I have many mementos from trips and I love the memories that flood my mind when I see them.

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  5. Shez

    Ohh so beautiful. I love the photo in the mist. It’s so different than most that I see which are taken on a perfect sunny day. This one has so much more magic. 😀


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