Good ol’ days!!!


Tonight I am missing H-O-M-E.

Everything about it…

Eating “mommy” food – being together as a family – sitting in the living room watching tv – warming up in front of the fireplace – listening to my brother play guitar – reading a book – doing my homework (?? 😉 )…

Tonight I am just missing being – no pretending!

Home is where the heart is…

Those were the good ‘ol days!!! And just for tonight – I’m wishing I could turn back time…

Tonight!! 🙂 **

12 thoughts on “Good ol’ days!!!

  1. Shez

    Beautiful photo. I also have those feelings and it was times I spent with my grandmother on her farm. The happiest place in the world to me. And days at home in the summer with just my little sister and I home playing or the two of us at “cabin” which was a floating home. We had long lazy days sitting in the sun watching the river flow by. And as an adult those times when we were all together as a family, me cooking, kids doing homework, all of us playing monopoly. All good things that bring a smile to my face just thinking about them. Thanks for sending me down memory lane. 😉


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