An update post…

Update post?? What is that anyway?? Well… let me tell you:

First off – I have created a Facebook Page!! I know, what have I got to offer?? Not much – yet… 😉 But I plan on having some fun projects on there – cool articles (being that about travel, photography or whatever…) This page links to my blog – – – It is not a business, just a fun place to hang out!! So, follow the link on my homepage or click here to join in!! I am hoping to build a community with similar interests & in turn maybe also get/make the time to do more photography (&develop this skill!!!) – hopefully you can learn with me by joining in my ‘Photography To Do’s’… 😀

Tilt-Shift Photography – My first Facebook Page Challenge/Project +
a surprise new watermark!!!

As you can see – I have already posed myself a new photography challenge to develop a new skill!!! Tilt-shift photography – I am taking a normal photo and changing it to make it look like a miniature model!!! (You might recognise this photo from my Edmonton posts!! 😉 ) If you want, join me on my page & we’ll share, grow & develop our passion!! 🙂

Secondly – I have a new watermark!! As you have probably realized, I have not used my previous one for almost 6 months – simply because I was not crazy about it!! 😦 But I made a point of it today to make one that I am at least a little excited about!! & voila!! So, what do you think?? 🙂

Thirdly – along the same lines… I have joined NickExposed in a collaboration with Seeing Spots Photo with their Long Exposure Project!! The gallery was released today – go and have a peek!!! They are going to release their third collaboration theme soon… so sign-up to join in – It’s free & fun!!! 😀

Fourthly – It is C.R.A.Z.Y cold here this weekend!!!! & I mean really cold!!! (although not minus temperatures, I find that I’m colder here than I was in Canada with the minusses…) Why?? Because here in South Africa we are not equipped for the cold – if it is cold outside, it is cold inside as well – which is awful!!! I love the winter for the heaters and the blankets etc…. so loving this weekend!!! 🙂

That’s it for my update post!!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! 😀 **

21 thoughts on “An update post…

  1. fotoeins

    Xandré, I found and liked your FB page! I look forward to following you on FB, and seeing what fun things you’ll be pursuing and accomplishing! 🙂

      1. fotoeins

        🙂 Hi, Xandré! I’m interested in future projects,, but that would depend highly on the scale and time involved. I know that sounds a lot like “hedging”, but I don’t want to make false promises! I left the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m in Hong Kong visiting my sister and her husband. It’s been a lot of fun thus far here in Hong Kong!

  2. Shez

    Sounds like a lot to keep you busy, just the medicine when you will be trying to get everything ready for the move. 😉 I’ve been following Nick for 6 months, back when he had a handful of followers not the thousands he has now. He is awesome. Been watching what facebook has done for him, but not sure I have the time (yet) to do it, though I’ve been thinking about it and would love to do it.

    I love your new watermark. What’s the magic (how-to) to save and re-use? I’m tired of redoing mine every day. :}

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Thanks Shez – yes, he is keeping busy!! I haven’t been following him for long yet… but looking forward to what he brings to the table!! What program are you using for your editing Shez?? If it’s photoshop I’ll quickly email you a quick methodology?? 🙂 **

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      It seems we are discovering the different aspects of photography almost in the same order!!! First HDR – now tilt-shift!!! 😉 If you have a few to share, feel free to post the link on my fb page!! 🙂 **

  3. Distan Bach

    Good on you for starting your FB page Xandré! I’ve been wanting to do the same but for me I don’t think the time’s quite right yet.
    I like your new logo but to be honest I really liked your previous one too. It had a real elegance. This one has a stamp-like quality (in a good way) and certainly has presence; Germanic in a way. Also like the tilt-shift processing; Im really looking forward to seeing some more of your projects. Great stuff!

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Thanks Distan!! I also liked the first watermark, but somehow it didn’t quite feel “me”… I’ll give this one a shot for a while – you know how it goes!! 😉 Be sure to let me know when you get your page running – I’ll be first in line to be there!!! But in the meantime – I’ll be waiting patiently!! 😉 **

  4. miltonjohns

    I will be joining you on FB. I’m also looking at doing this as well. I’ve created the page, I just need to get a bit more content before I publish. Really interested in the tilt & shift shots.


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