A Colourful flame-lick…

Last weekend while visiting my little brother, me made ourselves a nice fire to heat up a bit… I had fun playing with my camera (as one always does with flames/fires…. what is it about flames??) 😉

I had some fun editing this shot, but the biggest change was when I played around with the white balance… Who knew it would make such a big difference?? I changed my balance from ‘as shot’ to ‘tungsten’ & the effect was quite dramatic!!! I loved it!! 😀

Tungsten balance…

As shot…

Which do you prefer?? Have you played around with your white balance yet?? So excited about the endless possibilities that this creates!! 😀 **

6 thoughts on “A Colourful flame-lick…

  1. Shez

    Very, very cool. Both have their own beauty, however I do think the tungsten lighting makes it surreal. They say the blue part of the flame is the hottest part, if true, that would make that shot blazing!

  2. George Weaver

    Since I am the original drama queen of my generation, I couldn’t resist the first one. I like the second too. Depends on what you want. Really interesting photographs.


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