Baking some yummy-ness…

I was soooooo busy baking my yummy vanilla cupcakes with coffee frosting, that I almost forgot about my travel lane memory… So, I decided to do two posts tonight (just because I wanted to share my lovely looking (&tasting) cupcakes… & because I have an already prepared photo for my travel memory!!! 😀

Fresh out of the oven…. Mmmmm…

Coffee frosting (my first try…) – I usually do normal white/butter icing!!!

A totally blurry photo – Please excuse it as it is difficult to eat & take a photo…

I forgot to mention that I baked these specially for He-who-thinks-he’s-boss… It is his favourite – & after a tough day, I decided to surprise him with this when he gets back from touch rugby in a little while… 😉

I hope he doesn’t mind me eating one without waiting for him… 😀 **

14 thoughts on “Baking some yummy-ness…

  1. Shez

    ohhh, shame. How can you send gorgeous photos of home made cupcakes with coffee icing when I’m at work and now craving some awesome yummy-ness? My options for fulfillment are an apple, string cheese and black coffee. Not quite the same. 😉 They seriously are making me drool. 😀

  2. zelmare

    You will not believe me, but I made cupcakes late yesterday afternoon for Christiaan’s b-day!!! Vanilla with choc icing! 🙂 These look absolutely delish, though! xxx


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