Birmingham, UK – Cadbury Factory

As promised – my second post & this weeks travel lane memory!!!

While we were in Birmingham, we decided to visit the Cadbury Factory… It was huge & smelling of super sweetness & filled with lots & lots & lots of chocolate!!! 😀

Normally I am not a sweet tooth – I’d much rather eat a packet of crisps – but I do enjoy chocolate when the craving hits!!! On this day we were showered with plenty… My favourites (which is not available in South Africa) was the buttons!!! We ate heaps of those!!! 😀

I think it would be safe to say that I gained a couple of kilo’s while we were there!!! 🙂 **

9 thoughts on “Birmingham, UK – Cadbury Factory

  1. Helen

    Imagine how I get on….I live just down the road from there!! What a small world it is!
    I love how the smell of chocolate drifts up the road on cold days 🙂 I went a week ago (for the first time in ages) and spent the rest of the day in a chocolate filled daze. Wonderful!

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Oh my – just down the street?? I can imagine that you would have a hard time once you get a whiff of the sweet!!! Especially when the temperatures drop!!! 😀 **

  2. Shez

    And now you share the thought of a chocoholics dream. Such torture. Guess I’ll go eat my apple now. ;( At least dreams and unfulfilled cravings are non-fattening. 😀

  3. Mike10613

    I hate the smell of chocolate. It tastes fine, just that powerful smell that drives me nuts. I had to spend a whole day in that factory once working on their phone system. I was eating chocolate for a week after though! 🙂


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