Brighton, UK – Pebble Beach

In South Africa we have stretches of white sandy beaches!! … So, it was an interesting experience to walk on the pebble beaches of Brighton!!!

I still can’t understand how you would lie on this beach for hours on end…. Do you need a chair?? Or one of those lazy chair stuff?? Or do you just get used to the hardness of the pebbles??

It was a fond enough memory to make this my travel lane memory for the week!! Hope you had a great weekend!! 🙂 **

19 thoughts on “Brighton, UK – Pebble Beach

  1. Verena Fischer

    Great photo! Captures Brighton beach very accurately. I used to live in Brighton, so I can tell you that yes, people do sit or lie on this beach for hours on end. For me it was so incredibly uncomfortable that I kept shifting around every few seconds, so I only did it a few times in the 4 years I lived there. I guess with some more meat on the bones and lifelong practice you might manage better. Maybe real Brightonians eat fish & chips and doughnuts on the beach because they need more padding 😉 Real Brightonians also automatically shield their food near the seafront, because the mutant seagulls of Brighton beach are real vicious food thieves!

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      That sounds vicious!!! I’ve always been a little afraid of the gulls – they are big!!! I love the picture that you painted!! Now I want to go back there for a visit!! 🙂 **

  2. joebecker

    We have many similar beaches here in the Puget Sound region as well (although we also have sandy ones). Though some people lie on the cobbles, most people use chairs (or sit on driftwood). Of course, the younger you are, the less you mind the rocks. My kids, when young, would play on the beach all day and not care about the rocks. Now that they are older, I don’t think they’d be in a chair like me.

  3. Shez

    Probably like Oregon beaches, though our are sand, but in our ski gear, hoods up and back to the wind it really doesn’t matter much what under your well padded backside. 😉 I LOVE the photo, all the colors of the pebbles, really wonderful. 😀

      1. Shez

        Not ALWAYS. Some days it is purely beautiful. But the high water temperature is 55 degrees. A bit too cold for swimming, though all of us who live in Oregon have tried it a few times. Very short swims, stay close to shore. 😉


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