A ride on the Anaconda…

A bit on the Anaconda – – – It is one of the only three roller coasters manufactured by Giovanola… It includes five inversions and reaches a maximum g-force of 3.5G (which after the ride I could totally still feel — I felt light-headed for at least an hour afterwards…)!!!

But it was super great fun!!! 😀

The build-up of anticipation – the calm before the amazingness!!!

The first inversion…

The third inversion…

I never mentioned that all my Gold Reef City photos was taken with my little snapper… Because who wants to carry a big camera around at a theme park all day?? 😉 **

14 thoughts on “A ride on the Anaconda…

  1. Shez

    Great photos!! Makes me yearn for a big ride. And of course pocket cameras or cell phones for theme parks and pockets that button or zip closed!! 😀

  2. Jo

    Your photos are great. I’m always surprised at the quality of shots from little cameras. I also don’t like carrying the big one around on trips. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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