11 thoughts on “Night Tree…

  1. Mark Goodwin

    I see what you mean about the tree. It does have an unusual ‘feel’ about it. I can only thin that the lens flare is caused by a bounce back from the tree. It appears that you didn’t have a lens guard on? Whatever, its a good pic. (I don’t suppose it was spitting to rain was it?)

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      No Mark, I didn’t have a lens guard on & it was not raining!!! I’m thinking that maybe it was the dust in the air that reflected the light!!! It will remain a mystery!!! 🙂 **

      1. Mark Goodwin

        Interesting Xandre, I personally think that it is normal lens flare being caused by reflection from the tree, if you had, had a lens guard I don’t think this would have occurred. But that is just my opinion.
        Still love the pic.

  2. Shez

    Beautiful tree with so much character. The lights are probably little green men. No other explanation except dust on the lens or dust in the air reflecting the flash…maybe one or the other. 😀


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