The Jacaranda City…

It is funny how we are able to take something as the blooming of flowers for granted… Yes, it happens every year come spring/summer… This year however is different for me…

I am very fond of the city I live in – known as Pretoria! 🙂 It is hilly, full of trees, no high buildings (except for down town!)… it is like a huge town!! In summer when all the trees have leaves, the buildings disappear… It is magical!!! One quickly tends to get used to this – look past the beauty of this simple observation!! But this year is different for me…

Pretoria’s streets are lined with Jacaranda trees – in spring it would be hard to find a street that has no purple in it… Pretoria is fondly known as the ‘Jacaranda City’!! It is gorgeous… but goes by quite quickly!!! This is also the season when year-end exams start… So there are a nervous feeling attached to the blooming of the jacarandas as well… (If you haven’t started studying by this time – you are in for a tough time… 😉 )… Last year I “missed” taking photos of this beautiful time… but this year me & my Mommy took an opportunity after some afternoon showers to go & take some photos… -I am not about to leave this country without a few shots of this sentimental happening!!!

A street lined with Jacaranda’s!!!

Click here to view my Mom’s post on these special Jacaranda’s…

Don’t take the little/routine events for granted – you never know when you might not have the chance to witness it again soon!!! 🙂 **

18 thoughts on “The Jacaranda City…

  1. Distan Bach

    Spectacular Xandré! The Jacaranda’s in Sydney have just to come out too but they’re slightly different colour – much like the agapanthus shots you put up last year. Put that down to differences in the ph of the soil I suppose. Still, what a beautiful tree lined street. Nice one.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Yes! Almost exactly the same colour as the agapanthus!!! (WOW you have a good memory!!!) 😉 … I believe that our jacaranda’s come from AUS…. Thanks Distan!! 😀 **

  2. zelmare

    Ah pretty, pretty photograph, my girl! Love the slight moodiness of the picture. Although not quite what you were after, now you’ve got some lovely visual memories of the beauty of Pta. 🙂 xxx

  3. Shez

    Those trees are gorgeous. I LOVE the color. You will soon be watching spring from your new home and you will find treasures there to share. You will have two winter-springs in a row having missed a summer. That is an interesting thing to contemplate! 😀

  4. CulturalRites

    Excellent photo. I’ve never seent the jacaradas in bloom. Reminds me of the beauty of the Japanese cherry trees that bloom in Vancouver in its spring. I pushed the post through to Twitter.

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Hi Sherry!! Well – tomorrow is 12 Nov… & here still are quite a few in bloom… not like it was a week or two ago, but you will still be able to see the amount of jacaranda’s that we have here… hope you enjoy your visit!!! 🙂 **


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