15 thoughts on “Prague Views…

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      You are the first person that I’ve seen calling it ‘selfies’!!!! & since you stated it it’s been popping up everywhere!!! Love the description!! Sooo appropriate!!! 😀 Don’t know if you noticed, but the first photo is Stef’s!!! He has a crazy good eye – the bug just hasn’t bitten him yet….. waiting… 😉 **

  1. Shari Schildan

    Hi Xan, The photos are beautiful.I didn’t know Steph was a photographer also.

    You two have similar features and such happy smiles.

    My blog and web site are down, apparently since Jan 9th when my host made major changes. My email went with everything else. Life took over about that time and I took a break, but am ready to pick up again. That is when is discovered I’m not there. News to me. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to find my cyber self again. 😉

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Shez!!! I have been wondering what happened to you!! Sooooo good to hear from you!!! Hope you have “found” your blog again!!! Such a bummer when stuff like that happens!!! 😉 **

  2. Distan Bach

    Oh, I loved Prague! Embarrassingly, I remember re-tracing some of the steps from the first Mission Impossible movie around the foreshore near Charles Bridge and the Old Town square. Beautiful place and great shots too!


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