Mission Murals, San Francisco

The Mission District in San Francisco (also know as the “Mission”), is home to wide variety of cultures. The most prominent of these being, Spanish and Mexican. Throughout the Mission, walls and fences are decorated with Murals. These murals were initiated by the Chicano Art Mural Movement in the 1970’s and inspired by the traditional Mexican paintings made by the famous Diego Rivera.

If I have to be completely honest… If you only have a small amount of time in San Francisco, this is the part I will advise you to miss. Because, although the paintings/murals are impressive, it feels commercialized (and it is really only two short alleys!). Definitely something that they keep going for the tourists.

Mission Murals-22 Mission Murals-21 Mission Murals-20 Mission Murals-19 Mission Murals-18 Mission Murals-17 Mission Murals-16 Mission Murals-15 Mission Murals-13 Mission Murals-10 Mission Murals-8 Mission Murals-7 Mission Murals-4 Mission Murals-2

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