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Civil Engineer - Amateur Photographer - Frustrated traveler - Closet Creative!!

We Have Moved!!!

Exciting news as I am finally taking the plunge into running my own dot com blog site. Please join me as I continue my blogging journey about travel, DIY and anything related to me and my life. (Click on the link/image below to be redirected to the website!)

Hoopla & Happiness Website

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Here are a few posts that is already on the website:

Free Lightroom Preset Before vs After #photography #lightroompreset hooplahappiness.comFree Lightroom Preset

Creating a preset is like preparing a recipe, it is based on how you feel on a certain day. Please note: This preset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not to be sold/used commercially.

Banff Gondola: Offering Spectacular views of Banff and Rockies #travel hooplahappiness.comBanff Gondola Spectacular views of Banff and Rockies

Offering Spectacular views of Banff townsite and a 360° Canadian Rocky panorama, the Banff Gondola is an experience not to be missed.

Hoopla & Happiness update the tile around your fireplaceUpdate the Tile around your Fireplace

How to Update the tile around your fireplace with paint. A budget-friendly alternative to replacing the fireplace surround.

Palace of Fine Art San FranciscoPalace of Fine Arts – San Francisco

Visiting the iconic landmark in San Francisco, the Palace of Fine Arts, we were blown away by the size, beauty and simplicity of this structure.

Behind the HooplaHoopla & Happiness About me

Hi! My name is Xandré! I am a twenty-something South African, living in Canada. I am a lover of my husband and two naughty dogs. A junior structural engineer by day, I am also a closet creative, wannabe gardener, enthusiastic food maker, restless traveller, amateur photographer and pinterest addict.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Last year we visited North Carolina for a long weekend. If this sounds like a random choice, we were there for a wedding!! (Otherwise there are probably a few other places we would have rather gone!) With very little time, one of the must sees is obviously at least part of the Blue Ridge Parkway! It was still a little early for the bursts of autumn colours that it is renowned for, but we were lucky enough to see the start thereof!! …

Xandre Verkes - Blue Ridge NC-5

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TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles

On the historic Hollywood walk of fame, you come across the TCL Chinese Theatre (this cinema has been renamed quite a few times over the years!). There are approximately 200 celebrity hand- and footprints and autographs embedded in the concrete in front of this theatre.

Xandre Verkes - Chinese Theatre LA-3

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Mission Murals, San Francisco

The Mission District in San Francisco (also know as the “Mission”), is home to wide variety of cultures. The most prominent of these being, Spanish and Mexican. Throughout the Mission, walls and fences are decorated with Murals. These murals were initiated by the Chicano Art Mural Movement in the 1970’s and inspired by the traditional Mexican paintings made by the famous Diego Rivera.

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Castro Theatre – San Francisco

A Historic Landmark in San Francisco and situated in the Heart of the Castro District. When we visited San Francisco in April this year, we stayed just up the hill from this landmark. Although the whole Castro street was under construction, it still stood out as a gorgeous building!

Castro Theatre

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Grand Canyon National Park – Fun Facts #1

In order for me to keep on track with posting every now and again, I have decided to do a fun fact/s with my photos that I share with you. We have been blessed to visit some dream-come-true destinations this year & I would love to share some of our highlights with you!

Canyon FF1-2

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While there was a blizzard outside, we were mostly contained to the insides of our house!! I had a brief fascination with the shrub outside our window…

Nature and snow Nature and snow-2

It seems like today promises to heat up some (not that -15°C is warm… just warmer that -30°C!)

Keep warm people, enjoy your Sunday… And remember to like my Facebook page!

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A new venture…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here!! We have been busy with… well, life in general!! 🙂 We have had quite a few travels in the meantime (which I am hoping (not promising 😉 ) to post in the future! In the meantime, winter is in full-swing here in Edmonton!! And yes, so far, we are coping!! This will be our 3rd winter here (where has the time gone?)!! We have been hit with a snow storm, so I’ve got 2 photos from our first snow (a couple of weeks ago!!)

IMG_7142 IMG_7154

On a different note… I have over the last while ventured into a different direction… It is not my full-time job (else I’ll be broke!), but it is something that I’m hoping could become something bigger! Possibly… maybe! Nothing other than photography! My heart will always be with landscapes etc., but I have found that I quite enjoy people as well!! So if you want, follow my Facebook page, and tell all your Canadian friends about this!! 😉

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Click picture to go to my Website!