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Big Ferris Wheel…

Ok, BIG disappointment – The Big Wheel: also closed for maintenance!!! 😦 I was really looking forward to getting up a little off the ground to get a few shots to practise my tilt-shift processing with… Straight out of luck!! 😦

Nevertheless, I took a few shots of the wheel itself!! – – – from a grounded position – – – 😉

I’m not a huge fan of the floating soccer balls – I prefer the traditional balloons… This was probably done for the world cup back in 2010 (or was it always this way??) … 🙂 **


~ ~ ~ Abstract art: a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered… Al Capp ~ ~ ~

Photo of a tray that my dad bought somewhere in Africa (I can’t remember where…) – it is a beautiful dark wood tray!! I am always in awe of the intricate carvings!!! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!! 😀 **

Paris, France – Societe Generale

Yaaaaaayyyy… I love to post my Travel Lane memory!!! 😀 & tonight I’m returning to Paris!!! (Aaaaaahhhh…. Paris!!! 😉 )…

Societe Generale – December 2004

This is one of those memories that are truly significant in my (less than frequent) travelling… I don’t know why, but I remember this moment like it was yesterday!!! 🙂 Can someone please help me place this?? Is it near Galleries Lafayette?? If it is not, then maybe this moment have been mixed with another… 😦 because as I recall (from 8 years ago), this is very close to Galleries Lafayette!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I remember correctly!!! 😀 **

The other two guys in my life… ;)

I have posted a photo or two of them before… & last night I played around with a few more in photoshop!!!

I just love them to bits!!! 😀

Duke !!!

Wagter !!! (who thinks he's human...)

I really should update my “dawg” photos… They grow up so fast… 😉 **

London, UK – Big Ben

Big Ben 2004

I know… You’ve seen this a million times…. all the photos look the same… from this angle  everyone has seen it…!!! 😦 But it still is a special Travel Memory for me… & will always be one of my favourite attractions of London!!! 😀 It certainly is “engineery” enough to keep my attention!!! 😀

Cindy from ‘Photos from the Loony Bin’ did a post a while back with some VERY interesting facts on Big Ben (also known as the Clock Tower, but whos real name is St. Stephen’s Tower!!! – – – I know, what??? – – – Head on over to Cindy’s post for more info!!!) 🙂 **

I Love you Big Ben!!! 😉 **

Pretoria Bus Station

I took a few photographs (from the car) of Pretoria Bus Station about two weeks ago! Decided today is a day to share them with you… Nothing great… Just a few randoms!!!

Victoria Hotel - Oldest Hotel in Pretoria (1894)

I had to crop out the bottom part of the photo because there was a car parked right in front of me!! – It is not a place where I can get out of the car & leave it unattended!!

Bus Stop

A couple of vendors & travellers

Not sure what this building is, but it is certainly older than the surrounding buildings

Like I said, nothing special… just a few snapshots of a quick trip to the Pretoria Bus Station… If you wondered, we had gone to pick someone up there – not just to get shots from inside the car!!!! 🙂 ** Hope you have a great last few hours of weekend!!!