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Impressions of a Lilly…

One of the flowers from my bunch that my granny got me for my birthday!!! Soooooo pretty… & its been a while since I’ve posted any flower photographs!!!

Hope my pink lilly brightened your day!!! Got a perm today (my first!! & I’ve been wanting to get one for years!!! – – – keep in touch to see my transformation!!) Have a great weekend!!! 😀 **

Hofburg Palace Panorama, Vienna

This was crazy!!! As if the original palace wasn’t big enough, they had to build this additional wing to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria!! It is huge, it is beautiful, its culturally priceless – – – & it earns its majestic spot in this weeks Travel Lane post!!! – – – I can’t even imagine South Africa ever having treasures such as these!!! (but possibly I’m not objective in this opinion!!)

The Hofburg Palace

On the left of the building you can clearly see where the old & new building connect!! Gorgeous isn’t it?? You can’t see her, but my mom is inspecting a map on one of the benches on the right hand side!!

This was taken with my very old Kodak camera back in December 2004!!! 🙂 **

What to do the day after you’ve turned 25…

Of course the answer is simple…

1. Go on a 1day course presented by SAICE (South African Institute of Civil Engineers) about the designing of steel structures according to the SANS code – fun! 😀

2. Ride the Gautrain 🙂

3. Take photographs with your new camera!! – – – of course 😀 – – –

First of all : Thanks for all the birthday wishes & happy thoughts!!! I do appreciate every single one of them!!! 🙂 I am very much looking forward to the year ahead!!

‘Twas soooooo much fun having a small, unnoticed & silent camera today!!! I created 3 mini summaries of the photos I took with my small snapper today!!! 😀 I hope you enjoy them… It covers my day pretty well!!!

My drawing of an infinitely long steel I-section 🙂 ; my red steel textbook; the equations that made my eyes VERY sleepy (who gives you these stuff directly after a huge meal??) 🙂 & the view from my desk!!!

While waiting for the train to arrive at the Midrand Station!!!

My shadow portrait 🙂 and a few pretty flowers!!!

Hope you all had a great day!!! I doubt my day tomorrow will be as much fun as today (reeeeeeally do not want to go and sit in the office tomorrow 😦 )… but at least I had today!!! 😀 Thanks for checking in!!! **

Westminster Abbey – London, UK

Travel Lane memory for the week!! Westminster Abbey!! … I have a huge regret that I have not been inside yet (& I have been in London 3 times!! 😦 ) – – – I know, shame on me!!! (Queue the ‘but’….) 😉 But, every time we were there, there were soooooo many people (or closed?)… we planned to go back (promise), but somehow, once we were gone, we realized that we never did!!

So this is for the next time I am in the vicinity – – – I WILL go in no matter how long the queue!!! 😀 **

Almost not there Self-portrait… & a chandelier!!!

Hi all!!! I am busy editing & putting together a few photographs from our excursion yesterday… I do not want to give away everything now, but I will say it involves an impromptu decision with a few firsts & a truly enjoyable evening!!

For tonight though I want to share with you a super blurry photograph, which I hope most of you will be able to make out the outlines of!! I took this yesterday… it was my first photograph and was indeed not what I intended to get from the photo – – – my settings was all wrong – – – & instead of capturing what was outside I got a very blurry reflection of me taking the photo!! Hence, my unintended self-portrait!!

I’m thinking of starting a SLOW self-portrait project… I found last night that I have forgotten(???) how to be in the photo… I’ve got so used to taking the photos that I now feel uncomfortable being in – – – & that is something that have never been a problem – – – 😀 Anyway, I’m still thinking about it… More about the photo: unfortunately it was shot in jpeg, so there was not much that I could “save”, I upped the contrast & brightness. That’s it. 🙂

As my title suggests, there is a chandelier as well… This is one ugly chandelier… It is hanging in our living room, not corresponding to anything in there… but we are only renting, thus the chandelier stays!!! – – – and so are the holes in the ceiling, floor etc. 😀 – – – Oh my, I think our house would probably be a very entertaining post… watch this space!!! (The chandelier probably would look quite stunning in the correct environment), but now, it is here, & I am not liking it!!! 🙂

This concludes my totally random post!! Better ones to follow!! 😀 **

At the Boeremark!!

Every Saturday there is a market with all kinds of bits and pieces… It is called the ‘Boeremark’ and has stalls with typically veggies, meat, coffee, lots of books, plants, napkins, wire stuffies, hand-made leather belts etc. etc. We go there every once in a while (whenever we are up before 8 on a saturday) & this time I took along my camera.

I have been wanting to try street photography for a while and reckoned that this was a good place to start… Especially since I’m no good in photographing people or moving objects (mostly because of lack of practice & knowledge)!! I must admit that I felt very aware of me taking pictures – – – very self-conscious!! – – – Maybe I would feel more at ease with a longer lens?? With a maximum of 55mm I find I have to be up in peoples faces (which I do not like!!)!! I also found it a bit to crowded to have decent shots!! But nevertheless, I took a few photos and am going to share it with you now… (click on an image to enlarge)

I did get the chance to photograph a bee on lavender as well…. more difficult than I would have thought… Will share those in a few days!!!

Any advise for photographing people better?? 🙂 **

I had to put in this photo as well… just for balance and good measure… this stall with scarves was just too colourful to resist!!

Women from my garden!!!

No, this is not picture from the very romantic Rome or Vienna or anything of the sorts… It is a (very) random piece of art – – – for lack of a better word… sculpture? no…. – – – from our garden wall!!!

Three very beautiful women!!! Seems so out of place here… hardly noticed by anyone… Silent – – – & artfully mysterious!!! 🙂 **

France – Champs Elysees!!!

Good Evening everyone!! It’s been quite a few days since my last post!! & I am excited to share with you my Travel Lane memory for the week!! 😀

I find myself once again in the situation where I can’t decide which photo I like best – – – So I am sharing both!! Not for you to choose, but because both are special in a different way!! This is the Champ Elysees at night (9 December 2004 at 18h50!) taken with a Kodak Easyshare CX7310 digital camera! I love the christmas lights in the colour… & I love the movement in the B/W !!! I hope you enjoy it as well!!!

Champs Elysees truly is a magical place over the Christmas period. Although we were only there for five days, it was addictive!! Me & my mom were out and about every night… (there was a fabulous candy store… ‘Glup’… such sweet memories!!!) 😉

I hope to return soon!!! 🙂 **

Tranquility in the Drakensberg…

Relaxing next to a pool while camping in the Drakensberg… You can’t get a much more tranquil & serene place to unwind…

And on that note…. tomorrow it’s fantastic Friday – – – freaken finally – – – & time for my weekly happy dance!!! 😀 **

A View of the Bushveld!!!

A few months ago a group of our friends went away for the weekend… It was such a relaxing weekend – – – just what the doctor ordered at that time!! (which he is ordering now as well…. except… I’m not obeying – – – unwillingly!!! Ooooops!! 🙂 )

Kamonande is about 200 km North from where I live… in the middle of nowhere!!! Our winters are extremely dry… & this winter was no different!! This shot is a bit blurry… but the blur seems much less in B/W!!

This is just about what you see… Bushveld as far as the eye can see in all directions!!! Super Relaxing!!! 😀 **