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A Holiday update from Stellenbosch!!!

Hi everyone!!! It has been quite a while since my last post… (like I knew it would be!!!) It is raining today, so decided it was a good time to catch up on some of your posts & see what I’ve been missing!!! Needless to say, with 78 emails, it has taken me a bit over 2 hours to work through all of them & I am glad to announce that I have caught up on everything that you have posted!!! 😀 I don’t have a planned post (obviously) but did want to let you all know – – – in short – – – what I’ve been doing these last couple of days!!! 😀

Me & ‘He-who-thinks-he’s-boss’ have had quite a trip…. we’ve already done 2300 km’s in only a week!!! 😀 Although it is vacation, we haven’t had much (or felt much) relaxation yet… 😦 – – – planning to do more of that in this coming week – – – We’ve driven over many mountain passes, camped at the foot of the Groot Swartberge, experienced disappointments, had a braai & year-end function with people (&now friends) from Stellenbosch, felt the fine beach sand between our toes….. oh I can go on quite a bit… 😉 Will of course be telling you all the stories (& sharing many photographs) once I get everything planned & sorted!!! 🙂

Second day on the (looooong) road!!!
It was windy & I was busy shooting a 360 panorama (which I will share in good time)…

 I have been following (for quite some time now) a blog called Artboy68Project. Artboy is a super talented artist & he is busy with a very interesting & extremely creative project. He calls it the ‘100 portraits in 20 weeks’ project – – – I don’t think I have to explain it as the name pretty much says exactly what the project entails!!! – – – In one of my many emails, artboy informed me that he has done my portrait… It is AWESOME!!!! 😀 Please go and have a look at it here… Also browse around his blog as he has a few upcoming similar projects & if you want to get involved (or rather, if you want to be included), drop him a comment & keep an eye on what he is planning or busy with at the moment!!! 🙂

Well, that is all for now… Drop me a comment (of you want!) & hopefully I will be posting an update again soon!!! Keep well, have a very merry Xmas (if I don’t drop in before then) & just have a jolly time over this festive season!!! 🙂

Tranquility in the Drakensberg…

Relaxing next to a pool while camping in the Drakensberg… You can’t get a much more tranquil & serene place to unwind…

And on that note…. tomorrow it’s fantastic Friday – – – freaken finally – – – & time for my weekly happy dance!!! 😀 **

Sun soaking in Sodwana

In April we had a little time to get away for a few days… We decided to join a few friends and go camping at Sodwana Bay. It was only for a few days, but it was relaxing as ever! Me and he-who-thinks-he’s-boss kept ourselves busy by lazing on the beach… running up and down the dunes… swimming in the ocean… reading magazines under the umbrella… you get the idea…

Buzzing by trees on the way to Sodwana - Have adjusted the levels a little as the photo was taken through the car window.

Sodwana is the only place in South Africa where you are allowed with your vehicle on the beach. Personally, to me this spoils the feeling and atmosphere of the beach. Nevertheless, we had a fun time!!!

Jumping of dunes

Wind waves on sand

In front of the lens (Say what?)

Due credit for the photo above… it wasn’t me – – – but he-who-thinks-he’s-boss – – – (my other half actually takes very good Black&White photos!! Some of them will be popping up on my blog every now and again!!)

The trees grow in the direction the wind blows them

Hope you enjoyed this post and photographs!! 🙂

Till next time!! **

Mountain Sanctuary Getaway

An impromptu decision to go on a one night getaway was quite a good one! We arrived at Mountain Sanctuary Park late last night. This park is nestled away from the hum-drum of everyday life in the city. This was a camping trip  – – – not my favourite thing to do – – – and seeing that it was already dark when we arrived at our camping spot, I was very relieved that me and my boyfriend (who will be known from here on as ‘he-who-thinks-he’s-boss’) decided to pack a mattress and sleep in the back of the truck! No setting up tents or any of those hassles.

It was very very very V.E.R.Y windy, which made for an unpleasant atmosphere. In South Africa it is common to “braai” at get-togethers (or whenever you want to eat tasty meat with a great friends – hence fantastic atmosphere). I think a BBQ would be the american version of a braai – – – but I’m sure not nearly as fun!! 😉

A typical image of a braai.

Wind can't ruin an evening with good company!

This morning started of slow… the wind only subsided late morning, which changed our plans for the day a bit. The guys went for their usual mountain biking, while the girls went for a walk in the “wild” 🙂 . All in all… it was short, but it truly was sweet!!! 😀

Remains of the braai

Mountain biking always on the agenda

Birds of all kind can be found here - birdwatchers paradise!

Destination of our wild expedition

West Pools... One of a series