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A Holiday update from Stellenbosch!!!

Hi everyone!!! It has been quite a while since my last post… (like I knew it would be!!!) It is raining today, so decided it was a good time to catch up on some of your posts & see what I’ve been missing!!! Needless to say, with 78 emails, it has taken me a bit over 2 hours to work through all of them & I am glad to announce that I have caught up on everything that you have posted!!! 😀 I don’t have a planned post (obviously) but did want to let you all know – – – in short – – – what I’ve been doing these last couple of days!!! 😀

Me & ‘He-who-thinks-he’s-boss’ have had quite a trip…. we’ve already done 2300 km’s in only a week!!! 😀 Although it is vacation, we haven’t had much (or felt much) relaxation yet… 😦 – – – planning to do more of that in this coming week – – – We’ve driven over many mountain passes, camped at the foot of the Groot Swartberge, experienced disappointments, had a braai & year-end function with people (&now friends) from Stellenbosch, felt the fine beach sand between our toes….. oh I can go on quite a bit… 😉 Will of course be telling you all the stories (& sharing many photographs) once I get everything planned & sorted!!! 🙂

Second day on the (looooong) road!!!
It was windy & I was busy shooting a 360 panorama (which I will share in good time)…

 I have been following (for quite some time now) a blog called Artboy68Project. Artboy is a super talented artist & he is busy with a very interesting & extremely creative project. He calls it the ‘100 portraits in 20 weeks’ project – – – I don’t think I have to explain it as the name pretty much says exactly what the project entails!!! – – – In one of my many emails, artboy informed me that he has done my portrait… It is AWESOME!!!! 😀 Please go and have a look at it here… Also browse around his blog as he has a few upcoming similar projects & if you want to get involved (or rather, if you want to be included), drop him a comment & keep an eye on what he is planning or busy with at the moment!!! 🙂

Well, that is all for now… Drop me a comment (of you want!) & hopefully I will be posting an update again soon!!! Keep well, have a very merry Xmas (if I don’t drop in before then) & just have a jolly time over this festive season!!! 🙂

Farm Views & a (temporary) Farewell…

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! Today. Officially. I am on Hoooooooliday!!!! Super psyched to start enjoying it!!! 😀 😀 😀 Tomorrow we are starting our three day road trip down to Cape Town, where we will be until after Xmas!!! We will then head south along the coast up to Knysna until just after new year…. We will then unfortunately return back home to get started with the monotomy that is work… 😦

I am conveying my apologies so long…. because my posts will be few over the next 3 weeks… But… I will be having great stories to share & (hopefully) wonderful photos to share!!! Oh my word I’m excited!!! 🙂 Promise to pop in at least once a week!!! 🙂

I want to share with you a few photos that I took on a farm last weekend (one of the busy ones!!)… Hopefully you’ll like it as much as me!!! 🙂 **

I realised halfway through posting these photos that I did not watermark it….. oh well!!!!! 😉 I hope you all have a great time in the coming three weeks…. whatever you do, be safe & considerate… & have fun!!! Lots of fun!!! 🙂 **

My 101th Post!!! Ready For Christmas…

I was pretty bummed last night when I posted my post & saw that it was already my 100th post… 😦 I kind of thought that I would make my 100th special…. Nevertheless… I decided not to dwell on something I cannot change – – – I would just make this, my 101th post special!!! 😀

Me & ‘He-who-thinks-he’s-boss’ started a tradition yesterday by making our very own Christmas tree!!! I had an idea that I saw in a magazine somewhere & had all the necessary “ingredients” to be able to make it!!! (Of course with a few alterations…) 🙂

View from below… A few sticks, ceiling sealer stuffies, xmas lights & Voila!!! Our very own homemade Christmas Tree!!!
We used the Ceiling sealer stuffies to secure our sticks & also for a special type wintery decoration…
It still needs a Star or an Angel on top – – – we’re working on that!!!!

I also tried something last night that I have been wanting to try for AGES!!!!  – – – I created my own bokeh pattern!!! – – – I actually need a lens with a bigger f-stop to get this photo much better… – – – but for now… I was quite excited about what I was well able to achieve, wrong lens and all!!! I just love this…

My Star-bokeh Xmas Tree with He-who-thinks-he’s-boss lazing in front of it on the couch!!!

Ain’t it just super cute?? Now we are ready for Christmas celebrations with the people we love and the Presence & Love of Jesus Christ with us… Bring it on!!! 🙂 **

Are your Christmas trees up yet??

Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France

This place was breathtaking!!! 😀 Overwhelming is an understatement!!! Luxury shopping on level upon level upon level of beauty!!! I just love this shot of the centre dome window with the Christmas decorations of 2004 hanging from the ceiling!!! Me & my mom walked in here for quite a while before heading back onto the streets of Paris!!

My dog Duke… & his little blue pool!!!

Yesterday I caught one of Duke’s cutest acts on camera!!! Our everyday routine is to go and have a walk in the park just down the street from our home!! – – – & I do mean EVERYDAY… if we don’t do it, my little dogs will not stop barking!!! So, everyday – – –

When we are done with our roundabouts in the park, we head back home (so that I too can relax for just a moment!!)… even before I am able to enter back through the gate, Duke will have climbed into the little blue pool (originally bought to wash them in!!)…

When we open the tap he’ll splash around like a little kid who got to much sugar!!! 😀 If we throw a ball into the water, he’ll dunk his own head under water & splash around like a monkey who got all the bananas he can dream of!!! 🙂 If he’s hot… he will just lie in that little bath for ages!!! 😀 It’s SUPER adorable!!! – – – For some or other reason, my black dog does not share this interest!!! weird … – – –

Duke in his little blue pool!!!

Gotta love these dogs!!! 😀

On another note: Tomorrow = Friday = Happy dance = Happiness!!! 😀 **

Hofburg Palace Panorama, Vienna

This was crazy!!! As if the original palace wasn’t big enough, they had to build this additional wing to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria!! It is huge, it is beautiful, its culturally priceless – – – & it earns its majestic spot in this weeks Travel Lane post!!! – – – I can’t even imagine South Africa ever having treasures such as these!!! (but possibly I’m not objective in this opinion!!)

The Hofburg Palace

On the left of the building you can clearly see where the old & new building connect!! Gorgeous isn’t it?? You can’t see her, but my mom is inspecting a map on one of the benches on the right hand side!!

This was taken with my very old Kodak camera back in December 2004!!! 🙂 **

Turning 25 the laid back way!!!

Today is my birthday…!!! 😀 (Love birthdays!!) … It’s a big one – – – twen2y fiv5 – – – This year I decided not to have a big party! This year I decided not to go out until the wee hours of the night! No, this year I decided I’m going to celebrate it with my family – – – laid back style!!! – – – I invited my family to enjoy a rustic champagne breakfast in the comfort of our garden!!! Loved every moment of it!!! Here is a few snippets of these people & my day!!!

Breakfast out in the open!!!

Champagne & a Fruit Salad starter 🙂 Nomnomnom!!!

From left to right: Family; My bf's mom, my mom, the bf of my mom, my big little brother, my youngest brother, my granny!!!

From left to right: Mom, big little brother, gorgeous bf, other little brother!!!

Before I commence…. I have shared with you that I don’t have a small (very portable) digital camera anymore… I have found that I no longer capture the little get togethers, or quick dinners with friends at a restaurant or any random moments together!!! I also found that I no longer feature in photos and that there is a remarkable decrease in the amount of photographs that feature me & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss together 😦 !!! This is seriously just not right!!! I LOVE my dslr, but it is just not always practical to take it everywhere, or to capture moments that “just happen”… A photo taken with an arm in is not the greatest (but hey, it was better than having nothing!!) Which brings me to the reason of this ranting:

He-who-thinks-he’s-boss bought me a new little digital snapper – – – Canon IXUS 220 HS – – -!!! Handy for any (and every) occasion!!! 😀 Ain’t he the best ?? 🙂 ** So, of course the first photo taken today was…

...This one!!! (Yes... it looks funny!! But we BOTH are fully clothed!!! Promise!! 😀 )

To continue back to the family… 🙂 Unfortunately my dad could not make it 😦 – – – He is in Madagascar for a week – – – but we’ll get together when he returns!!! & my big little brother had to leave early because he is smack-bam in the middle of year-end exams!!!

3 generations!!! Granny, me & momsy!! 🙂

Lil' bro & me 🙂

What I adore about compact digital cameras is that you get gorgeous candid shots!!! Oh I am so looking forward to sharing more of these moments in my life with you!!!

Funny faces!!

It was scorching hot today with a very fleeting (and electric) storm!!! All was good!!! Here’s to being 25!!! Hopefully big things to come!!! – – – watch this space – – – 😀 **

My snapper has sooooo many functions its crazy!!! --- even this fish eye function --- photo of my very ugly chandelier!!! I predict fun fun fun... 🙂