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The Jacaranda City…

It is funny how we are able to take something as the blooming of flowers for granted… Yes, it happens every year come spring/summer… This year however is different for me…

I am very fond of the city I live in – known as Pretoria! 🙂 It is hilly, full of trees, no high buildings (except for down town!)… it is like a huge town!! In summer when all the trees have leaves, the buildings disappear… It is magical!!! One quickly tends to get used to this – look past the beauty of this simple observation!! But this year is different for me…

Pretoria’s streets are lined with Jacaranda trees – in spring it would be hard to find a street that has no purple in it… Pretoria is fondly known as the ‘Jacaranda City’!! It is gorgeous… but goes by quite quickly!!! This is also the season when year-end exams start… So there are a nervous feeling attached to the blooming of the jacarandas as well… (If you haven’t started studying by this time – you are in for a tough time… 😉 )… Last year I “missed” taking photos of this beautiful time… but this year me & my Mommy took an opportunity after some afternoon showers to go & take some photos… -I am not about to leave this country without a few shots of this sentimental happening!!!

A street lined with Jacaranda’s!!!

Click here to view my Mom’s post on these special Jacaranda’s…

Don’t take the little/routine events for granted – you never know when you might not have the chance to witness it again soon!!! 🙂 **

Some Albert wisdom…

I am only sharing a quote by Albert Einstein (one of my favourite-est persons ever!!!) & a flowery photo with you all today… 🙂

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning… ”

– Albert Einstein –

Keep your head held high this week…

Thank you for all the well-wishes!!! It paid of as I am in tip-top condition today!!! Even got my voice back!!! 🙂 I wish you all a great week… 😀 **

Introducing Aloe…

I am going to start off by apologising for my random photographs… I must sadly admit that I haven’t been behind my camera for quite a while now 😦 , so I’m left delving into my archives… Please excuse!!! I will try to change this ASAP!!!

Today I’m showing you a photograph of an Aloe Plant (unfortunately with 500+ species, I have no idea which one it is!!!!)… This plant is very common in South Africa & famous for its medical uses… – – – especially with burns & skin conditions – – -!!! This plant is in our “back garden”… (a lot of processing done – maybe I’ll take a few ‘au naturelle’ photos to give you a better idea of what it looks like!!!) 😀 **

Have a great evening everyone!!! Friday tomorrow!!! – My Favourite – Queue Happy-dance!!!! 😀 **

Abstract Flowery Thingies!!!

I decided to take a break from my Road Trip & holiday stories & do a post about a photo or two again (which I havn’e done in freaken AGES!!!!) 😀

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My post today is about – – – you guessed it – – – flowers!!! 😀 A while ago while I was browsing blogs I stumbled upon a photograph which was very appealing to me!!! 🙂 (Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was, so a shout-out is not possible!!! 😦 ) What the photo was, was flowers blurred in a spirally way… it was sooooo cool!!!! I tried it today, but only for a very short while (it’s raining it’s pouring… 😉 )… I only got 5 shots before I went in to safety… I’ve still got a few tricks to try & quite bit more experimenting to do before I’m going to get it right… but here is what I got today…

A closer shot... Here I literally turned my camera!!!

Further away... Here I walked around the flowers!!!

The next shot is of an Agapanthus… This was my least favourite shot of the bunch!!! 😦 Soooooooo (I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!!), I jazzed it up in photoshop!!! 😀 Adjusted the levels  & overlayed it twice!!! The result: It’s my favourite!! 😉

Processed Agapanthus!!!

What do you think?? 🙂 **