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The Jacaranda City…

It is funny how we are able to take something as the blooming of flowers for granted… Yes, it happens every year come spring/summer… This year however is different for me…

I am very fond of the city I live in – known as Pretoria! 🙂 It is hilly, full of trees, no high buildings (except for down town!)… it is like a huge town!! In summer when all the trees have leaves, the buildings disappear… It is magical!!! One quickly tends to get used to this – look past the beauty of this simple observation!! But this year is different for me…

Pretoria’s streets are lined with Jacaranda trees – in spring it would be hard to find a street that has no purple in it… Pretoria is fondly known as the ‘Jacaranda City’!! It is gorgeous… but goes by quite quickly!!! This is also the season when year-end exams start… So there are a nervous feeling attached to the blooming of the jacarandas as well… (If you haven’t started studying by this time – you are in for a tough time… 😉 )… Last year I “missed” taking photos of this beautiful time… but this year me & my Mommy took an opportunity after some afternoon showers to go & take some photos… -I am not about to leave this country without a few shots of this sentimental happening!!!

A street lined with Jacaranda’s!!!

Click here to view my Mom’s post on these special Jacaranda’s…

Don’t take the little/routine events for granted – you never know when you might not have the chance to witness it again soon!!! 🙂 **

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This will be my first weekly challenge post!!! I am quite absent on my blog – & I am sorry to  admit that I haven’t been taking much photos lately.. 😦

But – last night HWTHB took a phone call outside (it had been raining all day), & he came in saying he saw a great shot!! We ended up playing around in the cold night a bit… In the end this was our last shot… The end result a great silhouette shot & very very wet bums!!! 😀

Me & HWTHB sitting on the wet road!!!

Also linking to this challenge is my previous posts – the jumping sea shots!! (click on the photo to see the rest of the post!!!) 🙂

We have started packing/sorting our stuff!!! A few books have gone into boxes… A LOT has been thrown out!!! Kind of sad, but very ‘spring-cleany’… 😉

Our wedding RSVP’s have closed and all those ‘fun stuffies’ are well on it’s way… Some shoe-shopping tomorrow!!! 😀 **

A weekend in Magoebaskloof…

This weekend He-who-thinks-he’s-boss had some business to attend to up in Limpopo Province… He took me along for a fun weekend away!!! 😀

With our morning cuppa on Saturday morning he surprised me with something very special… Head on over to our blog for the surprise… 😉

We saw some breathtaking nature this weekend!!! Below is a photo of a tea plantation we visited later on Saturday… A stunning view with great company!!! 😀

View over the Pekoe Tea Plantation!

Vienna, Austria – Votivkirche

Votivkirche – December 2004

According to Wikipedia: “…The Votive Church, is one of the most important neo-Gothic religious architectural sites in the world…”

Well…. it certainly made an impression on me way back in 2004!!!

What do you think?? Quite impressive right?? 🙂 **

A ride on the Anaconda…

A bit on the Anaconda – – – It is one of the only three roller coasters manufactured by Giovanola… It includes five inversions and reaches a maximum g-force of 3.5G (which after the ride I could totally still feel — I felt light-headed for at least an hour afterwards…)!!!

But it was super great fun!!! 😀

The build-up of anticipation – the calm before the amazingness!!!

The first inversion…

The third inversion…

I never mentioned that all my Gold Reef City photos was taken with my little snapper… Because who wants to carry a big camera around at a theme park all day?? 😉 **