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Brighton, UK – Pebble Beach

In South Africa we have stretches of white sandy beaches!! … So, it was an interesting experience to walk on the pebble beaches of Brighton!!!

I still can’t understand how you would lie on this beach for hours on end…. Do you need a chair?? Or one of those lazy chair stuff?? Or do you just get used to the hardness of the pebbles??

It was a fond enough memory to make this my travel lane memory for the week!! Hope you had a great weekend!! 🙂 **

Birmingham, UK – Cadbury Factory

As promised – my second post & this weeks travel lane memory!!!

While we were in Birmingham, we decided to visit the Cadbury Factory… It was huge & smelling of super sweetness & filled with lots & lots & lots of chocolate!!! 😀

Normally I am not a sweet tooth – I’d much rather eat a packet of crisps – but I do enjoy chocolate when the craving hits!!! On this day we were showered with plenty… My favourites (which is not available in South Africa) was the buttons!!! We ate heaps of those!!! 😀

I think it would be safe to say that I gained a couple of kilo’s while we were there!!! 🙂 **

Baking some yummy-ness…

I was soooooo busy baking my yummy vanilla cupcakes with coffee frosting, that I almost forgot about my travel lane memory… So, I decided to do two posts tonight (just because I wanted to share my lovely looking (&tasting) cupcakes… & because I have an already prepared photo for my travel memory!!! 😀

Fresh out of the oven…. Mmmmm…

Coffee frosting (my first try…) – I usually do normal white/butter icing!!!

A totally blurry photo – Please excuse it as it is difficult to eat & take a photo…

I forgot to mention that I baked these specially for He-who-thinks-he’s-boss… It is his favourite – & after a tough day, I decided to surprise him with this when he gets back from touch rugby in a little while… 😉

I hope he doesn’t mind me eating one without waiting for him… 😀 **

A Colourful flame-lick…

Last weekend while visiting my little brother, me made ourselves a nice fire to heat up a bit… I had fun playing with my camera (as one always does with flames/fires…. what is it about flames??) 😉

I had some fun editing this shot, but the biggest change was when I played around with the white balance… Who knew it would make such a big difference?? I changed my balance from ‘as shot’ to ‘tungsten’ & the effect was quite dramatic!!! I loved it!! 😀

Tungsten balance…

As shot…

Which do you prefer?? Have you played around with your white balance yet?? So excited about the endless possibilities that this creates!! 😀 **

Tilt-shift… Take 1!

Sharing a few of my first tilt-shift photos!! I got quite a few spots in mind that I would like to go and take photographs from – so still lots more experimenting to do!! 😀

Can you see a difference between this one and the original??

Ok, so it is obvious I still have to figure this out – but this is just the beginning… Still lots to learn & discover, what works, what doesn’t, processing etc. etc.

Practise makes perfect!! 😀 **

Birmingham, UK – Airport

Last night we had no electricity – 😦 !!! It was horrible… do you realise that everything that you keep yourself busy with in the evening involves electricity?? – We could not make dinner, could not heat the house (it was freaken freezing!!!!!), could not drink coffee, could not do our usual lazing in front of the tele & blogging etc… Did I mention that we were the only house on the block without electricity?? Yes, we did pay the bill 😉 …

This morning when we woke up – still no electricity… It totally sucked!!! 😦 During the day they fixed it, but they could give us no explanation to what happened or why!!! Specialists?? Really??

Anyway – I’m ranting… & all I really want to do is share my travel lane memory for the week!!! 😀

This was the glimpse of Birmingham that we got way back in 2005!!! It was a VERY cold day, but we were all excited for the adventure that lay ahead!! (for those of you who are new here, we worked on a turkey farm that holiday… hmmmm… where did your Christmas turkey come from that year??) 🙂

– – – Tilt-shift update – – – I have about five more photos in this “self-improving” project!!! Will share them with you soon!!! (I have a few more ideas for photos that I want to try and get before I start revealing my results!!) 🙂 Are you busy with your tilt-shift?? Share them with me on my facebook page!!! Would love to see your results!! 🙂 **

London, UK – South African Embassy

Oh no, I am not a very patriotic person (don’t get me wrong – I love South Africa, it is a super beautiful country), but…

I felt awfully proud when I noticed the beautiful South African Embassy standing tall and noticeable in (or is it on? or maybe next to? …) Trafalgar Square!!! 😀 I’ll call it my patriotic moment and make it this week’s Travel Lane memory!!! 🙂

“Uit die blou van Onse Hemel…” – December 2006 –

Have you felt a burst of pride for something lately?? 🙂 **

Under the weather…

I’ve been feeling a little off since Monday – & yesterday was so bad, that when I looked at my computer screen, I got a huge sinus concentration right between my eyes…. 😦 I did not feel good!! Fortunately I got an appointment at the doctor at 09h30!! She immediately prescribed me some antibiotics and booked me off for two days…

I’m a sleeper when I’m sick… & I’m sure it makes me get better sooner!!! I’m feeling much better today, still very tired though – so after this post I’m back to bed!!!

Random post for today – I started editing a few of my older photos this morning… In the spirit of the rugby going on I am posting a little bit of spirit today…

Loftus 2012

I was so impressed by how this panorama panned out – it consists of four photos & I could not be happier with the result!!! I can’t remember who was playing against who (sports is not my ‘thing’ 😉 ) but there were a lot of people!!!

The next photo is nothing special – I just played with the perspective crop!! I’m going to post the result & my original photo (for comparison…) Although it is obvious that something is not right with the result – I love how it turned out!!

Result – after perspective cropping…

The original shot…

Which do you prefer??

The next shot is my first attempt at creating an HDR from one single shot!! I still have a long way to go… but I thought I’ll share my result with you!!!

HDR from one shot – 5 exposures created (-2,-1,0,1,2)

I’m thinking that I need to practise this more – could be a space saver (although it took quite a while!!!)… 🙂

Ok, that is all for my random post today – I’m off to bed again!!! 😉 **